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You feel special and important when you are being celebrated by others, not everyone have the luxury to celebrate their birthday. Hive is here to celebrate with you and I hope it adds a smile to your face.
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🎂🐒 Monkey-B's 7th Birthday With New Friends In Suriname 💃🎈🎁🎊🎉 by @jsreypovimage.pngYesterday was Monkey-B's birthday, so @justinparke and I made some special food her birthday.
Box of surprises for my best friend's birthday! / ¡Caja de sorpresas para el cumpleaños de mi mejor amiga! 💖😃 By @lauramicaimage.pngHi Hive friends! I hope you are very well today ❤️. This time I want to show you this box of surprises that I made for my best friend's birthday.
[ESP/ENG] Un Cumpleaños en el Llano // A Birthday in the Llano By @esthefanychacinimage.pngHello everyone, I tell you that last night after these long months we went to a small meeting in celebration of the birthday of a friend from here in town.
We need to stop shit posts and what I got for my birthday By @monsterjamgoldimage.pngNow I have got that off my check let me show you the IOM Angel I got fory birthday last week. Now it is 1/20th of an Oz of pure gold but it is actually 22ct gold but weighs more than 1/20 to make up being only 22ct
Dairy Free Vanilla Cupcakes By @besteimage.pngIt's our good friend Michele's birthday (happy birthday Michele!). And Michele is an amazing baker herself, making killer chocolates, I thought I'd make her something special for her day.
Birthday Surprises! By @freedompoint(
Birthdays seems to be coming and going pretty quickly these days. I am not much for celebrating my birthday, but through my life I have gotten a few surprises.
(ENG/ ESP) Sharing a delicious lunch for my daughter's birthday, Pasticho de Pollo (Recipe)- Compartiendo de un rico almuerzo por el cumpleaños de mi Hija, Pasticho de Pollo (Receta) By @mayraro05image.pngHello my beloved beehive, today I want to wish you a wonderful day as always and share with you one of my favorite recipes, this time I wanted to prepare a special Chicken Pasticho for my Daughter Daniela for her birthday
Happy Birthday to Me😄🎉🎊 By @suzn.poudelimage.pngHere's a photo of my birthday celebration with my friends fam😇
Today celebrating my birthday I watch how hivelist goes down By @oswvin01image.pngGreetings friends, today on my birthday I see how hivelist lowers its price in dollars up to 28%
Happy birthday Mum By @bolaboseimage.pngSo happy today to celebrate my mum, my world, my friend, my queen, appreciating her for been the channel that bring me to this is world.
It's my birthday By @chubb149image.pngi know that I said that I would be posting daily but it's my birthday. I got a new pipe & im kinda busy my friends are throwing a party for me


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This is a great initiative, gather all the posts related to birthdays. Thanks for including me! ❤️

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