Hive Creative Contest | What's Cooking Again?(Contest Details)

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Photo by Jimmy Dean on Unsplash

For starters, this contest will have a duration of approximately 1 week and a new contest will be announced every Tuesday (GMT+8) of the week. The results for the contest that week would be announced the following Monday night (1 week deadline) (GMT+8).

This contest genre will vary from drawing challenges, photo prompts, writing challenge and many more that will inspire you to think out of the box.

Food Recipes

Okay, I've decided to have this contest again because I enjoyed reading and watching all the food recipes from the previous contest.

You know how much I love food and if you've followed me awhile on Hive, you'll see my cooking and my food adventures as a foodie. Malaysia is known as a food haven where you can get all sorts of cuisines. They're all full of flavour that will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

For this week, I challenge you to cook something and share us your recipes. Make sure to include photos and the process and maybe I will try your recipe out myself one day!

What's Cooking?


Criterias :

  1. Post must not be less than 350 words.
  2. You are encouraged to use photos/images/illustrations to better tell your story.
  3. You can share your own original recipe or any recipe u find online.
  4. Share with us your process when cooking this dish.


Submission :

  1. Your Entries(Hive Post)are to be posted here in the comment section below.

  2. One entry is allowed per participant.

  3. This contest must be done as a Hive Post.

  4. Post title must include 'Hive Creative Contest' and with your own title.


Rewards :

Top Favourites Entries = 2 HIVE Each


Deadline :

Sunday Night, 24/01/2021, 11:59PM (GMT +8)

Happy Contest-ing!~

Thank you for supporting this contest every week and I hope to read many more interesting entries this coming week!

Happy Contest-ing.

Thank You

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Credits to @pinstory & @coloringiship for this lovely photo of me.


Here is my Hive Creative Contest post link.

Thank you so much.

Thanks for participating!

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Hola por aquí mi entrada con mi sencilla receta algunas con el salado y yo con el dulce:

Thanks for participating!

GRACIAS a ti por impulsarnos a crear.

Love your Foodie post!

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Hello there! I have a question please.
It's so sad that my old phone with all my cooking images and photo had been damaged so I don't have my personal photos again.
Can I get photos online and share my recipes?
I really love to participate

Hey, I think you may but if you are cooking it, you can take new photos if u want. :)

:) sure I think I can do that then. Thanks.

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Thank you so much for this opportunity
Here is my entry

Thanks for joining and supporting!

Hey @zord189 we'll slide 1500 FOODIE to the winner of your contest! And to you for holding an awesome FOOD contest! Tags us when you do your winner's announcement!

Oh cool!!! thank you! I will tag you guys when the winners are announced in two more days

Thanks for the entry

You´re welcome.

Wow hungry already! Thanks for joining

jajaja, me gustaria invitarte a mi casa y preprarte una super receta. un fuerte abrazo mi amigo @zord189

@jaynie, Still waiting for your recipe XD

Greetings hive friends, here is my entry.
Good luck for all of you.

Thanks for participating!

It was a pleasure to participate.

Thanks for sending in your entry

Mi entrada Espero no sea tarde

Here’s my post entry!!!! This is so exciting.


This looks delicious!!! Thanks for sending in your entry!

Could not resist entering this one @zord189, thank you for the contest :)
My entry Smashing Stir-fry in a Flash

I guess you like this one for the taste and for the look

Thank you for your support. If you haven't heard of VAULT, time to explore. It might be our next payout scheme which I'm looking forward to work with.