What's Your morning routine?

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Is coffee breakfast?

For many years now my morning routine is simply a coffee, a cigarette and some "zombie social media scrolling" as I like to call it.

I am now 33 and with all this quarantine trying to think about trying to add some healthier habits so maybe adding some food for the breakfast could be a good addition to it.

That's why I want to know about Your morning routine and what You have for breakfast?

Tomorrow I will maybe have a toast and some yogurt. I'll let You know about how did it go.



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  1. Toilet
  2. check phone for important notifications
  3. shower
  4. coffee - 2 cups
  5. breakfast is optional. Sometimes I wake up hungry. Otherwise, I eat at lunch.
  6. drive to work

I'm 45 years old.
If I do have breakfast, it's a bowl of cereal, a breakfast taco, or a McMuffin.

Thanks for sharing Your routine. :D eheheh You always working hard eheh