I Am Alive Challenge Day #70 - November 16 2020

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Slept quite late. Was up until well after 2 am thereabouts and that’s when I went to bed. Officially woke up at 8am. I did some push-ups and added some squats. It was just a few though. I had planned on cooking beans so I got to it. With a little effort, I was able to start a fire in the coal pot. I went for the beans then and I realized it contained a lot of insects/pests. Don’t really know the right name for them. The fire was ready now so I placed a pot with water on it so it doesn’t just waste away. I decided to sieve the beans and take out the chaff and insects/pests from it. That was a hell of a task. Wish I had thrown the darn thing away.


There were a lot of pests/insects and I managed to take out a lot of them. I washed them after that and poured them into the pot that contained water which was on the fire. I fanned it a bit to keep the fire blazing and went out to buy more charcoal. It started raining on my way back but luckily, I was almost home then. The rain couldn’t beat me much. I checked the beans on fire and it was cooking. My extension board had been misbehaving so I decided to work on it.


I spent a lot of time working on it and I couldn’t detect any fault. I was practically working without any tools. I later went to borrow a tester. I was finally able to fix it and I realized there was a short circuit somewhere in the cable which was causing that. I cut some portion of the cable out and reconnected the rest. Worked fine.


Went to bath after that, and it was 3pm by then. I decided to eat some of the beans and when I opened it, I saw some of the insects/pests on it. I was too appalled to eat so I went for banku instead. The beans had settled by then after cooking and the insects/animals were resting on top. I couldn’t eat. Whiles eating the banku, a friend called that she was passing by for some movies. I paused my eating and went to meet her and after copying the movies, I went to escort her. I came back home to continue my banku. I was also watching some movies whiles eating and I was also chatting. Watched movies and chatted for the rest of the night.



hello dear friend @fredkese good day
I appreciate very much that you let us know the details of your day. you have done many activities, the good thing is that you have exercised your body
stay safe and take care dear friend

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Thank you

I am sorry that insects got into your beans man, and a wise decision to not eat them, you never know what they could bring with them, but great that you managed to fix the electrical problem with the malfunctioning cable, and I hope the Banku tasted good, though I must say I am not familiar with it even if I have heard the word before, I wish you an awesome day.

Banku is mainly a Ghanaian dish. I just hated that I went through all the stress to cook the beans, everything else was good. Thanks for your comment.