Living on the Countryside in the Modern Age as a Content Creator. How does It Feel?

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Longing for a calm nature is like you longing for your mother's warm and peaceful embrace.

Today many workers in big cities yearn for a quiet nature and want to retire as soon as possible from jobs that spend too much of their time building other people's dreams.

But living in the countryside is always not easy because it has been influenced by modernity. It seems difficult for us to feel the pure village touch without the influence of modernity. We too have to make a deal for it, and use modernity as a tool for us to find success living in the countryside.

Being a Content Creator is a Solution

I am writing about this article because I have found some people who retire early from their jobs and decide to live in the countryside and make money filming their lives in the countryside. They use youtube to earn money.

Then me and also you, we have this blockchain which gives us a bigger opportunity than we previously imagined. This is the perfect time to become a content creator on the blockchain.

Living in the countryside in the blockchain era is a wonderful thing. As I feel right now. It has been almost two years since I lived a life in the countryside with a little bit of modernity.

I consider this my opportunity to share the beauty of the countryside with the world and I have always been curious about it.

It's great when we can share something about life through the content that we create, and we can make money from it. Not much by modern folk standards, but decent enough to live in the peaceful countryside.

I am grateful every morning to open my eyes near the vast expanse of rice fields with fresh air. Although at times I also often worry about some bills that have to be paid such as electricity payments, health cards for my mother, and also internet fees.

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Value of a Content

Life in the countryside as a content creator is more than just value for money. We get a lot of meaning in life that is difficult to find when we live in a big city.

In big cities we will be busy only thinking about ourselves, job competition is fierce, even we find it difficult to think about loving yourself. The beauty and allure of modernity in a big city wrapped in luxury often make people forget how to be natural human beings.


And living in the countryside is the opposite of it all. Simplicity, concern for neighbors, sharing the food we cook, sharing the harvest the garden.

By using technology to earn money, I am grateful that I can get enough money, also to be distributed to the villagers where I live.

I want to continue to share valuable content, which is worth enjoying and will remind us again of what it feels like to be a simple and mindful human being.



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how much money would be needed per month in order to have a decent life and don't do another job apart from content creation?

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range 200-300 USD per month pretty decent and sometimes I got half from the hive and that's enough for my young life plus taking care of mom :)

that's freaking awesome!

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I am grateful every morning to open my eyes near the vast expanse of rice fields with fresh air.

This is the perfection. Although there are struggles in the countryside, the more healthier lifestyle is priceless.

You are combining very well that kind of living and blogging. It can bring you some earnings to cover the expenses, bills etc. and at the same time you have the opportunity to share with the rest of the world that place where you are living. 💗

more struggle but yes healthier and happier. that's all just about the mindset I think :)

healthier and happier.

Without any doubt!

In big cities there are more opportunities to work and earn, however the expenses are lot higher also. When an unexpected thing happens and you can not work (such as C19) you still have to pay the expensive life but no work 🤷🏻‍♀️

It those situations living in countryside can change completely the scenery and attitude 😊 It can be a life-saver, right?

yeah, and the pandemic makes me grateful too much when I look at back in my past, resign from a big company and now living with my mother in the countryside :)

It seems you made the right choice 👌

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You are very lucky to live in the countryside and have the means to do so as well.

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