The HBD/HIVE Big Mac Index

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I was having a chat earlier with @minimining and he mentioned the price of a big mac meal in Sweden was around $7.5 whereas in South Africa it's around $2.25 and it got me thinking, since we're all using crypto our crypto in HIVE or HBD it can do different things in different parts of the world.

So who would we compare it and what better way than the good old Big Mac, it's as uniform as we can get so I'd like to compare a regular Big Mac Meal's price in your country based on our two currency pairs?

To find some level of consistency, let's say these are the prices to benchmark against your countries big mac.

  • HDB - $1 let's assume it is even if it's not, for consistencies sake
  • HIVE - $0.14 as a 7-day average

big mac.png

The Hive Big Mac index

Australia$7.8255.857 HIVE
Canada$750 HIVE
Estonia$5.8942.071 HIVE
Nigeria$321.428 HIVE
Romania$2.5618.285 HIVE
South Africa$2.2516.071 HIVE
Sweden$7.553.572 HIVE
UK$5.4438.857 HIVE
USA$6.546.428 HIVE

Add your country to the index

Add your country to the list, drop a comment with your country and the price of a Big Mac in HBD and HIVE to the 3 decimal point below and I will add it to the list, let's see how far an HBD or HIVE stretches in your country.

Have your say

What do you good people of HIVE think?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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Nigeria --- $3 --- 22 Hive

Thanks for your confirmation, I've added it to the list Naija MAC!!!!

Ooo I'm so happy you added Romania on the list hihihi

Lol well, a fellow Romanian provided the info in the comments :) I am hoping more nationalities join in! Lets find the worlds cheapest crypto big mac :P

Hahhaaha great initiative!

Well, we have the Big Mac medium and Big Mac large just in case the Mac wasn't Big enough in the UK!

Regular = £4.29 = $5.44 HBD = 38.857 HIVE
Large = £4.69 = $5.95 HBD = 42.500 HIVE

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LOL I'll stick with comparing the regular, we're not all keen on diabetes in other countries. Looks like I'd be on a forced diet in other countries with the prices you pay, I'm good with water mate, no sparkling, no bottled, straight out the tap

Pretty sure our large isn't that large thought

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Lol, just bring your own bottle and ask them to fill it up!

I'm surprised the home of the big Mac is so expensive in USA!

Lol do you get free refills in the UK or is it pay for extra?

Yeah shit you’d think they perfected pushing out that plastic for 2 cents by now

Lol, actually providing drinkable tap water is a legal requirement for fast food outlets here so one of the luxuries! Free H2O refills boiiii!

Haha, they have perfected it and making a killing from others fetish for fast food. I prefer the BTC equivalent of McDonald's main meal though, the Big Stack.

lol look at you go, you mean to tell me people actually actively avoid free water to drink like Marinda and shit? If I’m going to spike my insulin levels and rot my teeth at least give me a coke

LOL big stack meal, proof of drunk at 3am

Haha yeah man, this is the UK, 2/3 of it is overweight or above! They do free refills of other fizzy drinks if you go large (assuming you aren't "large" already, zing!)

Big Stack with ledgers as fries and free refills from blogging.

South Africa ain’t too far behind mind you, we’re getting pretty big too! Once drive through a become a thing here it was only going one way

We don’t have free refills except for Burger King 👑

Have you seen the video aboht the YouTuber in the UK who started a Not McDonald’s franchise?

I’ll gladly super size my sats!

Do we convert the USD value of HBD and Hive to our countries currency?

So take the price in Aussie Dollars price of a Maccer and then convert it to USD for HBD and the HIVE price of $0.14

$7.82 HBD
55.85 Hive

Thanks so much, wow its pretty pricey down under, so far the most expensive submission

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Australia is bloody expensive to live here mate😡

Lol no wonder they say most aussies live in million dollar homes so you’re all millionaires

Yep that's about right but you don't get much for a million dollars here😭

I am Jessie as you have taken South Africa already lol.

LOL you can take Namibia I'm sure it should be close to the same price, isn't the Namib dollar pegged to the rand? lol or what is it in Lesotho or Swaziland?

Hmm I haven’t eaten that swill in about 10 years so I’m not positive of the price but it varies depending on where you buy it. Where we are at now I’m guessing it’s 6.5$?

How dare you? Do you even salute the flag anymore? That is America's greatest export since USD dollars and so-called freedom! To not have hypertension is unpatriotic

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$7 USD conversion here in Canada.

50.7 Hive.

Nice thanks for the submission, you say the northern neighbours gotta pay a bit extra! Is this Trumps trade wars at works lol!

I hope you guys are over charging them with Timmies franchises lol and ofcourse your probably nailing the world on the maple syrup mark ups

Unlike the average servant of the crown, I have done my research and sadly Canada deserves most of the bad attention we get from Trump. The Tim Horton's franchise was purchase by the owner of Burger King (age 23) through a public equity swap traded in shares between the companies. BK took major ownership.

Trumps Steel taxes on Canada are 100% justified, but we have have better beef here anyway hahahahaha Alberta Beef is great, "some of the best beef I have ever had" - phusionphil sounding like Trump LOL

I heard he was pretty tough negotiating with Canada for the NAFTA but gave Mexico a far smoother ride! I guess you guys had it coming by the sound of things!

I’ve actually never heard much about the beef that’s new to me, I guess their marketing isn’t as good as the lobster and bacon

Also didn’t know about the BK deal I jusy saw a lot of Timmies getting shut down in the US after their initial big expansion and thought the US was cracking down on it as a trade thing

Hey, in Estonia these are the prices

Big Mac medium meal 5€ - 5.89$ - 42.071 HIVE
Big Mac big meal 5.4€ - 6.36$ - 45.429 HIVE

Seems on the expensive side when comparing with UK for example, but our wages are smaller here I would say.:D

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Thanks for the submission, added it to the list, Estonia seems pretty reasonable

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In Romania one big mac would be 2.56 HBD. It's years though since I last ate at McDonalds so wouldn't trade any HBD for big macs...

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Romania seems pretty reasonable, is this an exception or are the prices affordable in general when compared to an average salary there? For those prices I can still handle a Romania compared to my currency

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Prices are matched with salaries somehow. It's Eastern Europe after all.

LOL i have zero clue what its like in Eastern Europe, so had to ask!

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LOL i have zero clue what its like in Eastern Europe, so had to ask!

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It's great... if you have a lot of money :))

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I am Jessie as well! Will be nice to see how much HIVE can buy Big Mac in other countries.

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I've just added the USA as confirmed by @cmplxty and Nigeria from @gamsam, this is going to be interesting, looks like SA is the cheapest so far

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Will have a look now

Sweden is a country that has a high standard, unlike South Africa.

Lol never been there but I can imagine its pretty much different worlds in a sense. Even here depending on where you live you could be living in different worlds depending on the area of the country alone, the disparity is on another level

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Wow looks like Big Mac is very expensive on Australia!

Lol i'm shocked, I don't think I could survive in Australia, the prices alone would give me a heart attack

And I am thinking of relocating there, Garry my current boss have been complaining things are expensive there because he have been there several time and his daughter is there.

I think it also depends on where you are on AU, I read something like the main cities are just super insane inflated but if you're like in a place like Darwin its not so bad not so sure how true it is though.

Hopefully, you get wages adjustment to match, but I know housing there is off the charts everyone's living in a Million dollar house in Australia lol

😄 I see not sounding encouraging! minus the crime rate SA is cool to reside you know

Lol hells bells the crime alone going down would be great both corruption in government and petty crime that the news is so focused on

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I gave your Brave ref link to a friend to sign up for Brave few mins ago.

Yeah the crime scares the hell out of me here, you know!

Thanks man appreciate the shilling nice to see you getting more peeps on Brave eveyeone I’ve introduced to it loves it especially for no YouTube ads lol

Yeah man it’s nuts, it’s going pretty off the wall this side

If it is only the burger it is 3,5 USD.
I am checking up exactly the price for the meal
I was talking about the meal.

be back from sweden

I am also referring to the meal in South Africa that is the price for the meal

Ok. Meal here is 7.5usd. Just checked Once more

I Think it also intresting to see " how many can you buy for a medium salury in your counyry"
Here is medium 3400 USD so If I Only buy hamurger (not meal) I can buy 1000 of them

Hmmm is this after tax? In South Africa it depends for the proffesional qualified person with a degree it’s around $1200 but for the real average it’s probably $300 or less!

So by that I can get 533 Big Mac meals as a proffesional

Wrong comment...

After tax about 2500 USD.
So with 7.5 for a meal we get....333 meals

Expensive food

Okay after tax on the median professional salary it would be around 458 meals not as bad a difference but still 28% more meals

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I have to start import. Buy meals in soutafrica and sell in sweden with 100 % higher price.

LOL! Knowing McDonald’s it will still look fresh by the time it gets to Sweden those fake burgers

A Swedish McDonalds have a meatball burger or a stinky filet o fish?

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