What a weekend #engagetheweekend


I wanted to start with the shittiest engager of our family en the fantastic wekend we had. November started and we can only have a few contacts within our family and with a new baby you want to see him all the time. See Jaxx to the max.


Celebrating being an aunt is pretty different than I would normally want it to be and visit every day. Covid spoiled that big time but we are safe and FaceTime, get videos and photos. Same for Halloween but with a special Oreo cake made by a friend and movie we also had a good celebration. Yes we gave out some candy to some school friends but we didn’t leave the house for a parade or walk through town, although the plan was to do a green~Halloween. I would be mrs. Hulk, Well that can always be my suit next year, I have time to do a needle work monday blog about a self made mrs. Hulk suit too.


Its more home based this year just like more celebrations to come, but we will be doing board games, yes I also planning to do more of the sorting the games out and giving some away. The cubbord looks good. The other one is still not sorted.



It reminded me of the contest we did ( or assignment of you will ) in the redfishrally, so you remember @justclickindiva that was a great one with good entries. When we have all sorted and we do a game I will make a blog about it.


And the dogs had weekend to, while we were in the livingroom Joe came to lay with me. Always near and very attached to me his mum.
Setters are so loyal they wont leave us out their sight.


Than it was the hive power up day again and for all of us that could to grow a bit more and have a bigger vote and higher weight on the platform.
So I powered up again coming to 20.555!


In Imola in Italy 🇮🇹 was the brandproeven again. For is always a treat and eventhough Our Max didn’t finish due to technical wheel problems we watched a great race.




Yes its been a great weekend that started friday at 14.00 and ended at 22.00 on sunday, we saw the news and there is a lot that would make you sad, very sad but we all still have a lot to be grateful for. I need to keep the faith that better times are coming and that we all will be ok very soon. For now tommorrow we will have new rules and the new POTUS is choosen, what a week, see you on the next #engagetheweekend.

An initiative I saw by @galenkp, but with a few other that share aswell, like the @tarazkp cookie backing skills.
Of to visitor some other weekend engagers .......

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Blog Date : 2 november 2020


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 29 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you

What a weekend. And a new week this week of choosing our next POTUS will be.

I can see that the newest member of your family really left his mark on things. I hope you don't show this photo to his friends when he enters school. You'll cease to be Aunt probably, lol.

Anyway, we had the best fun in the Redfish Rally with our participants showing us their board games. Everyone had some to share. Several even created their own board games with craft materials modeled after the original. But the best thing of all is that we discovered the same games being enjoyed in other countries that were similar, but with different names. I miss the Redfish Rally and hope it returns soon.

It'll take me 2 days to rejuvenate my voting power. I'll return to support you on Wednesday. I was a voting maniac last weekend with the engage-the-weekend food commenting frenzy we had. It was so enjoyable.

Thank you so much for sharing your weekend. Have a good week ahead and hope all is well in your country. Please stay safe.

No need to return you always vote so don’t worry and there will always be a new blog to vote on 😉 engage the weekend what was your place in the EL ?

Forgot..you're a 7-day blogger, so plenty to choose from.

Hahhahha thats cool yes i have so much to tell

Just think: Your nephew saved you from another load change after two minutes!

Sounds like a pretty good weekend. I didn't do much except engage a bit, Football wasn't near as much fun with the Cardinals on the week off.

And here we go into a 2020 sort of election tomorrow. For once in this weird year it would be nice to have a normal election. I'm thinking not much chance.

Only 4 more days until the weekend!

Yes 4 more days and a new president for you well this will be an interesting week

This will be a very interesting week indeed. I always try to imagine 'what's the worst thing that can happen'. That scenario is pretty bleak today, but I should know more as the day progresses.

OMG. I remember the yellow poo. Congratulations man! That is a gross picture, but an awesome occasion.

The yellow poo hahahaha and they have a few a dy just after the new diaper hahahahahah

lol...I don't miss those days at all. I'm not sure ever want to have to deal with poopy diapers ever again !

I woiuld love to have a baby again hahahahaha , but i will we a grandma first i think with adult kids

Ah the yellow-looking curry poo lol what a fun time! (very sarcastic!) I was just telling our son the other day that I used to hold him in my arms and rock him and he would poop in his diaper he thought it was the funniest thing.

Sounds like your weekend was pretty good! I'm very glad that you helped your family out! Not crying over spilled milk but we got next to zero help from anyone in our family (we never once had someone help us over night, never mind more than 2 or 3 hours!) so seeing that you're helping your family makes me glad, so for them I appreciate it!

That's really awesome that someone in your family is into racing! Scary at sometimes I'm sure but still cool. Is it your brother or someone?

I love a good board game, those are always really nice to play, helps bring us back to some of the ways entertainment started without having the television on constantly. We would always break out the board games if the power went out or if there was a crazy snow storm, it was fun to have memories like that.