Food of the day: Pan roasted young sweet corn.

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Few days ago I roasted some sweet corns in a pan,of which I captured few images as well.But unfortunately, I didn't remember to capture more pictures of the whole procedure.

How to cook?

Step 1: Separate corns from the cob.

This is not that hard food cook. But I always find to harder to separate corns from the cob.
Because the corn we are going to roast on pan is corn let's or baby sweet corn which is harder to separate from the cobs.

if the corn is too young which is almost impossible to take them out of the cob with your hand and nails, people often take them out scrapping with knife. But you will waste lots of grain during the process and I hate wasting grains and foods.

So the wiser way is not to harvest too young corn and separate them with patiance.

Step 2: Roasting in a pan.

First of all you need some ingredients like ghee, salt and few spices if you want to add more taste. Namely I want to add some chopped garlic, chopped ginger and cumin powder.

Heat the pan on gas stove, put some ghee when the ghee is also heated put the chopped garlic and gingers and put the flame low.
Now, put the corns in the pan and start mixing with the help of spatula regularly.


When the corn started turning into reddish put some salts and cumin powder according to your flavour and mix them well again.


Now your pan roasted sweet young corn is ready to serve.



During the time I made this food,I didn't think of any post otherwise I would take pictures from the whole process. May be next time I cook this food I will elongate it.

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One of my favourite
Looking yummy 😍


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