Lighter Potato Salad Recipe

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Most people love a creamy potato salad during picnic season. Potato salads, however, are fattening. I've gathered a few light potato salad recipes that won't keep me from fitting into my swimsuit this summer.

I've found the key is to replicate the creamy mayonnaise-based dressing with just the right amount of herbs and spices.

Starting with the potatoes

The first thing I do is boil my potatoes with the skins on. I like to use the little red-skinned and white-skinned new potatoes. The potato skins slip off easily after the potatoes have cooled. I boil the potatoes on medium without a lid. I like to throw in a few purple-skinned potatoes for a nice twist. The purple potatoes add color and intrigue to the traditional side dish.

Whipping up the dressing

To get the creamiest potato salad dressing, I like to use a mixer. I mix together, according to taste, Greek yogurt, a little bit of mayonnaise for flavor and a dab of sour cream. I add mustard or mustard powder. To keep the dressing light, I may add a granulated version of stevia natural sweetener or just a small amount of regular sugar. I add salt, pepper and parsley to the dressing as well as a dash of white pepper.


Chopping the add-ins

Depending on family preferences, I may add chopped onions, celery, hard-boiled eggs and pickles to the potato salad. Everyone seems to have their preferences for the add-ins. These ingredients add flavor without adding many calories. Eggs add protein.

Creating the presentation

I slice a hard-boiled egg and arrange it on top of the potato salad. Then I sprinkle with paprika. I also use sprigs of fresh parsley to arrange around the edges of the bowl. I then cover with plastic wrap or a lid.

When taking my light potato salad to a picnic, I always put the container on dry ice in a cooler. Potato salad should not be left out for more than two hours. It's best to leave on ice or in a refrigerator along with the chicken salad, which also spoils easily.

There are so many different versions of a potato salad recipe. Some people omit the mustard, but I think it adds flavor for the lighter potato salad recipe. Most potato salad recipes are naturally gluten-free, but I always check labels of the yogurt and mayonnaise to be sure.

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