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I named this drink personally, not with a name that already exists in general such as "Dragon Fruit Juice".

The name of passion drink is not because it comes from passion fruit ingredients.


Basically this super refreshing cold drink is dragon fruit juice with several other fruit blends.

I named it Passion Drink because the color that looks really refreshing, passionate with bright colors.


Multifunctional Beverage

Before being mixed with ice, the basic ingredients of this drink can actually be multifunctional used for other functions, namely as a complementary dessert sauce.

The bright and refreshing color is added when used as a sauce when plating.

So usually I will leave a little of this drink for the beautiful plating equipment like this,


I apply it to my latest recipe for dragon fruit cakes (this recipe hasn't been released yet on my blog).


Actually it doesn't matter if you don't want to mix dragon fruit with other fruit.

But in my opinion it will be more exciting if we have another fruit stock and then mix it into one.


So here I am mixing dragon fruit with pineapple and watermelon. Then drops with a little lemon juice.

Here I do not use added sugar. You can add additional sweeteners like honey if you want.

The Result


In various regions of course the fruits I mentioned above have different flavors. What I mean here is that the taste of the fruit is not always sweet even though it is generally sweet.

Like in my area, sometimes I get a dragon fruit that is not sweet because it tastes bland if the temperature is too hot. Similarly, watermelon is tasteless. And pineapple tastes sour. So sometimes the taste of the drink is not too sweet and requires additional sweeteners. Use honey for a healthier sweetener.


This Passion drink with bright color is quite refreshing and a little sweet. I like the taste of soft drinks like this is not too sweet.


I added ice cubes so that the texture isn't too creamy and it will be better consumed as a drink.


You should try making this drink at home if you are lazy to leave the house and want to treat yourself with something refreshing.

So don't forget to always supply as much fruit and vegetables as you can so that you can eat healthy foods and drinks every day in your own home.

Happy Yummy Day!


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Wow very bright, looks tasty.

Nice drink you have invented! Hope you send me one!