Sunday's New Menu Trial: Vegan Choco Cakes Without Eggs

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Sunday's New Menu Trial: Vegan Choco Cakes Without Eggs


It was a sunny Sunday and I had a good mood for baking.

I only have simple ingredients, all-purpose flour, cocoa powder, coconut milk, and sugar.

I thought of making an eggless cake. So I mixed the ingredients together.


I'm happy the results are satisfying and delicious! But I still have something to update. I know this recipe is not perfect and there is still something to be improved about the dose.

Maybe the texture of the inside is too dense and I have to change the amount of flour to create a more expanded and moist texture.


But it was quite fun today. I managed to make an eggless cake and it just needs a little improvement!


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They look delicious. If I make eggless cake or cookies I usually put flax goo made from soaked flax seeds and baking powder to make it less dense. It works really well but these look delicious like fudge yummy.

Yeah the taste indees delicious.

Unfortunately in here I can't found flax seeds or chickpeas water. So I have to be creative. I think fat from coconut milk help me so much for good texture :)

Yes of course. I thought there was flax when I was there but it was Bali. Anyway you make everything delicious.😊

The results are quite satisfying like you say but does this means that this is the first time you're actually backing something such as this?

Yes this is my first time baking the type of eggless cake with just my recipe 😁 that's why the result not enough perfect for me. Still need some experiment

Haha I guess you'll be perfect with many more times you practice

Thanks my friend

You're welcome

Looks very yummy!!

Indeed the taste was yummy even need some of improvement ingredients :)

Wow! Simple but it looks very delicious.

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I really like to eat eggless cake than eggs contains cakes. Vegan choco cake seems like very delicious. That's better interesting thing for spend weekend nicely.

Vegan cakes always a be a great way to spend the day :)

O friend, what delicious things do you have there? hehe You are a cute friend, greetings !!!

Choco cakes my friend 😊❤

Nice creation for peaceful Sunday! I hope you will more details about the ingredients when you have finally finished the experiment!! I wouldn’t mind have a taste of a small piece though!! Thanks!

Have a nice week!

Have a nice weekend 💃💃💃

Thank you very much.
Wishing you a very productive week.

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