A glance at my Keto lifestyle | How I lost 6 Kilos in a few months

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I've been doing Keto on and off for a few months now, since February to be precise and, despite not making it a permanent change on my life - I don't really want to, as much as I'm convinced that no carbs are the best way to go, I'm not ready to say good bye to them forever - it has already changed my life in several ways.

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Some carrots, zuccini, cucumber, cheese, a potato, almonds and some pork meat rich in fat. Usually, carrots and potatotes are forbidden for keto but, in limited amounts it can work out for you.

Being on a Keto diet allows your body to fatigue less, spend less energy digesting and use the bloodflow and energy for other purposes. It makes your brain sharper, your focus more lucid, your belly leaner and overall, your body healthier.

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Most of my breakfasts are a variant of this dish: Lots of rich in fat avocado, cheese, sometimes light and some times fatty, and some scrambled eggs with a bunch of vegetables, this time it was spinach, tomato, onion and nopal (a healthy as fuck cactus very popular in Mexico.

I weighted around 84 kilos in January and, after doing Keto for three weeks at a time, and then resting for a month, now I'm standing at 78 kilos and feel more energetic and full of drive than when I was taking my meds to control the triglycerids, lypids, cholesterol and sugar blood levels.

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Every time I do keto, I do intemittent fasting, this means I only eat in a span of 8 hours a day. I have a big meal at hour 0 and another big one at hour 8. In between, I have small snacks like this one. Some almonds, olives and strawberries.

If you take carbs out of your life, all those four above drop significantly, effectively balancing your blood levels on most of the important parts.

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Some may say this keto dishes might be repetitive (there are countless of recipees, I just try to keep it simple) but once you realize food is just sustenance and we have to eat healthy to survive, and not eat for pleasure or hedonistic reasons, it's easy as hell to just eat similarly every day.

Apart from doing Keto, I've been doing some intermittent fasting (16:8) and it's worked wonders with me! We don't need as much food as they media and the government tells us and I realized how much I was overeating and thus straining my body to overwork.

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Some home made burgers with lots of mozzarella cheese, avocado and the usual vegetables. See? It's not that bad, in fact not bad at all.

The pictures here are some of the things I eat on a daily basis when I'm doing Keto. Granted, the options are limited, but that's only because almost everything sold at the supermarket contains carbs (surprising, huh? It's almost as if the big corps want you numbed by carbs on a daily basis).

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I try to have some variety when snacking, but to be honest, almonds and strawberries make a terrific combination, so most of the times I end up eating those two plus something else, this time it was the healthy as hell Nopal.

Not all eating habits work the same for everyone, and Keto is no exception. When it first started to become a trend, it was used mainly for diabetes patients who needed to drop their blood levels fast and on a harmless way, then, patients who needed to drop several kilos rapidly to go into surgery began doing Keto, now, it is an eating lifestyle. I'm not sure of the potential consequences - long and short term - and, despite me reading tons about Keto and informing myself with nutritionist friends, I'm not sold on the idea that it brings no consequences long term, so I'm sticking to just a few weeks at a time and giving my body time to recover in between.

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Some version of Mexican Fajitas with the usual avocado side, and lots of veggies that never come unwelcomed.

Cutting carbs from my life was hard at first but now, I have to make myself eat carbs to fulfill my energy requirements. At the beginning it was hard as hell to not crave tortillas, pasta, rice or even some bread, but your body ends up not asking for it once you deprive it from them for a few days.

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Milanesa (the Mexican version of Schnitzel) breaded with fat rich Pork rind instead of bread with a side of two eggs with tons of fat rich cheese, some complimentary avocado as always.

As you can see, following a Keto lifestyle can be delicious if you give yourself the chance to try it and give yourself the time to cook. I don't spend much time cooking, but I do try to do it daily, otherwise staying out of carbs becomes almost impossible.

What are your thoughts about the Ketogenic diet, or any diet at all for that matter?

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Talking about carbs.
I just ate this for dinner xD

Chickpeas with mix greens, mustard on the sides and a plantbased burger cut up in the button with some spicy chilisauce! :D


I eat a 100% plant-based diet and it works really well for me and have help me manage my adhd!
I did lose weight in the beginning but have gained it all back, so I am currently tracking my calories and macros a bit.

But I think the best diets in the world is either a Vegan/plant-based one or the Keto one.
But diets cut out a lot of unnessercery shit, which makes the healthy!

And "unessercery shit" will be defined differently by everybody :p

interesing with the ADHD thing. Do you have a post about that? If so link me up cause I wanna read what you eat in a day and such plus how it actually helps you managing your ADHD. Cheers.

I dont have post about.
Its getting a bit late here in Denmark and it might take me sometime to plot down what I have done for my adhd which diet is just a part of it.
I can tag you in the post when I get it made if thats okay :D

But what I can say is that, people don't know that I have adhd, if I tell people they are quite surprised and this is without any medication :D

Yeah, I don't mean to rush you. I was only curious if you have ever made a post like that. I visited your post on ADHD via my phone last night, I'll give it a visit and let me know what I thought. and I am still waiting for that post on your daily food and ADHD. Cheers.

There is a lot of things which "active" adhd in some sense.
I have begun to write dont worry :p

That looks incredibly yummy, although I'm not completely sold on the plant based burger, I guess I'd have to try it.

Oh damn, you gained it all back even though your diet is plant based? That's curious, I wonder what happened.

I agree, it's either vegan, keto or paleo, depending on your body and metabolism.

The burger I used is quite good, but I just made burgers with Beyond Meat Pads and holy shit thats another level of goodness!

I mean, eating 3000 calories on a plant-based diet, is still 3000 calories :p I am not active enough tl be eating that many calories thats why I gained weight, I am eating around 2.100 calories now as my maintenance. That why :p

Not sure about Paleo, but thats because of my lack of knownledge of it :D

I tried keto for a while and it was nice but I really really find it hard to remove oatmeal from my life. I don't normally eat rice so it was easy but oatmeal and bread is something else. It's fairly difficult to ditch them.

Oh definitely, Oatmeal and tortillas were the biggest challenge for me. Every time I'm off Keto the first thing I buy is oatmeal :D

You're killing me. This looks so good.

I've got a lot of work to do on my diet. Surprisingly, it's not difficult for me to eat one solid meal in a day with no snacking but when I worked 9 to 5 hours - no way.

The strict low carb diets might lead to or contribute to tougher problems late in life. I think that I witnessed some of the potential harm (with other factors) in a family member. Sounds like you're doing things right.

The 24h fasting must be complicated as hell, I wonder how it would be manageable while working a 9 to 5, definitely not easy.

Do you have a link or something to read more about the potential harm? I'm genuinely curious to inform myself more about this.

I'm sorry for vanishing for a week after you responded but I think better than not at all even if you don't find this. I hear what you're saying. I neglected context on the 9 to 5 bit. People like to talk about themselves. Multitasking at an offcie.. I was always hungry and under a lot more stress. I could never just focus on one thing and that's very taxing to me. That's just it. It's all about me :?)
... or it was when I commented apparently.

Re: low carb diets, that's an impression. A hunch mostly, not black or white. I'm sure you've looked into this and found a mix of perspectives. My Dad was on Atkins while I was growing up and I'm sure for long after. Lost him to Alzheimer's. I point out that it's an inflammatory illness among many. I wasn't interested in phyto-nutrients or targeted nutrition at the time. That came later out of necessity (and dread of treatment plans) but that's when my hunch took root. I cared less about balanced meals but I saw how his meals - it "felt wrong". Adkins just did not look right. Not long term anyway and it seemed obvious to me. But there we go mememe. I think people know what to do. When to try and when to stop trying too hard.

Your keto looks incredible and less "prescribed". I know very little about the keto diet and no, I haven't yet started serious research or collecting articles. I took this as an oppty to learn more. I'll just share what I found. If you don't use PubMed (US Natn. Inst. of Health) to check out recent findings (not conclusions), you might like their thoroughness and objectivity without what you might (or should) expect- a lot of industry / agency influence. Some of the listings seem to favor low carb in some situations like diabetes type 2. enjoy

Be sure to check out "similar articles" below this. Great resource.

How many months? 12 or 24? 😄 Keep healthy bro!

Greetings from Mexico

I did keto two months in the span of six! Saludos amigo

Se ven deliciosos los platillos, muy saludables 👍

Awesome. I need to try keto. I've been promising myself that I will do this for too long now.

Well, try for two weeks! I've learned that if it's for short periods of time it's easier to follow. It's not a perfect scenario because it takes a couple of days to enter into the ketosis state but, once you achieve it you'll start noticing the difference right away.

Thanks. Will give it a go next week.

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i am on 16-8 for the last 2 years straight. besides some days that we go out for a beer or something else. i feel good... and when i break the fasting. its because of socializing mostly.

Hahahaha. That was so great. But sometimes when I fast I break with Fruits mostly watermelon 🍉 , cucumber 🥒 🥒, apples 🍎🍎. But sometimes, I do drink beer 🍻 too. Thanks for the support you are rending to the community. @steemychicken1. I am your regular fan 😉