Hottest Day in 2 Years - Friday

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Damn it was hot yesterday. 113F in the sun at 1:00 pm and 102F in the shade. I haven't felt heat like this in a long time.

On my way to pick the squash after returning home from delivering the co-op order I noticed the Lakeside spinach I let continue grow after chopping the tops off looks pretty cool. I am letting the new growth seed out so I can save the seed for later as I am almost out of the variety. Between the Giant Noble and the Lakeside spinaches I have two that are the most bolt resistant I have grown.


Only 30 squash were ready with one of them being a J shaped one that is not saleable. I am getting the full variety now of 8 or 9 types of summer squash. I am counting the Ronde De Nice as two since there are a couple distinctly different similar ones.


Beans beans beans. I had to roll down the Red Swan row and filled the bucket completely from the one row. It weighed over 12 pounds. When I pick the Jade I can only get 7 or so pounds in the bucket.


92 pounds of beans in the cooler now and there will be even more after this morning when I pick the Roc D'Or row which is loaded with at least 15 pounds of beans. I have the weight i need for Tuesday but need to get the other 30 pounds picked for Friday. This will be 120 pounds of beans going out next week.


Around noon I went and got a little something done on the shed. The highest of the pier blocks got dug down to lower the level of the shed.


I am slowly getting things leveled and figured out. I am only getting a short while each day to work on it since it has been so hot but now that the weather is cooling off again I can spend more time on it at a go.


I want to make sure I get this part right since everything gets built on top of it. I need the foundation to be nice and sturdy with no chance of erosion or weakness.


At 1:00pm I grabbed my brewing thermometer and stood on the porch in the sun. 113F/45C! In the shade nearby the other thermometer read 102F. It really reminded me of the heat in central California from my childhood. 110F is not uncommon around Fresno and the surrounding foothills.


J was tossing the basketball at the hoop and asked if I could raise it since it was so low for when he was younger. I raised it up a couple of feet so the rim is about 8 feet now. The rim is not perfectly level but it suffices.


Went on a wander around the property line and around the eagle's nest. One of the things about having eagles on the property is the wide array of various pieces and parts of animals that I find laying around. In the middle of a clearing sat this lone deer leg.


Once @stryeyz got home with dinner and after we ate it was creek time. Truly one of the best things about our farm is the north east corner which is the tunnel and the creek. The pool is now about 3 feet deep in the deepest and the water is super nice and cool and refreshing.


The sitting rocks are perfect depth and there is a killer back rest. The slight breeze emanating from the tunnel helps keep the mosquitoes from massing and gives that light cooling on the wet skin.


Today it will be only 95F so I hope to get something done on the shed after picking the squash and beans this morning. I still need to do some weed eating in the yard and a few places around the farm.

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Djeeeeeez what an amount of heat. It seems like it was scorching everywhere yesterday!

Here it was sweaty and even the dog didnt want to go for his evening walk because it was still so hot so late.

Your veggies looks stunning and envious hehehe

I'm just thankful it is a pretty dry heat. Humidity is horrible with heat.

I was picking cucumbers earlier and I found myself actually amazed at how well the garden is doing this year. 2 things I did different: covered the garden in spent brewing grain then tilled it all in and used Actinovate SP to deal with a number of the fungus issues instead of a different type of mycho. For instance I have not grown cucumbers this well in 5 years, I have tried but have not had this kind of harvests.

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Boy oh boy! That is hot! Your tunnel area looks so inviting!

Incredible amount of beans!

I'm up to 112 pounds now and have at least another 30 to pick over the next few days. Tomorrow is the bagging day, 171 half pound bags for the CSA for Tuesday. Going to be a couple hours of work tomorrow to get them bagged.

I was wondering what exactly you grew them for. Very cool, a CSA!