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Its another edition of HIVE CELEBRATES WITH... #06, You feel special and important when you are being celebrated by others, not everyone have the luxury to celebrate their birthday. Hive is here to celebrate with you and I hope it adds a smile to your face.
A total of 4 post was curated, I can only request that you help the curation to have an impact by following the curation trail here the main purpose of the curation trail is to upvote birthday post, it can also vote other quality content. I encourage you to visit the listed post to show support through comment or upvote.

You are encourage to use the #birthday and #thoughtfuldailypost tag as among the first five tags for easy location of your post.

Happy Birthday To Our Co-founder Chace Eskam + Join Birthday Instagram Giveaway Livesteam By @challengedacimage.pngIt is yet another party time as 21st November 2020 marks the birthday celebration of our Able Co-founder Chace Eskam @anderson91.
Grandparents are all style By @justmiaaimage.pngMy grandparents got all dressed up for the occasion too! Granpa John wishes he was still 16!
My Only Brother Is a Year Older Today🎂🎂🎂 By @glotokensimage.pngI have two more sisters and a brother making it three girls and a boy. So today is my only brother's birthday
Birthday Celebration. By @princefmimage.pngI am celebrating this handsome brother Olumayowa. He's a uncle, brother, and a team mate.


Thanks for being part of this initiative, a big thanks to the supporters @belemo,@josediccus, @josehany, @steevc, @artemislives, @mistakili and also @brittandjosie whose write up

remember focus on being creative instead of being bee-zy

brought about this initiative.

The first and last image are gotten from pixabay


Wonderful idea to celebrate people celebrating!!! Well done on a creative, upbeat & positive idea. 👍

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Thanks for your kind words, I plead you follow the curation trail for a better curation

Sorry but Im not a fan of curation trails & prefer to vote generously & manually. Autovotes destroy engagement & ultimately erode the idea of choosing great content.

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The purpose here is mainly birthday post and its voted manually, I understand your point and I will appreciate if you stop by once in awhile to support. Thank you

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@jizzyjoe thanks for selecting my post as one of the celebrant day. This is very good thing to encourage others blogger. God bless your heart

You are welcome

@princefm @glotokens @justmiaa @challengedac Happy birthday to all of you!!

Thank you so much @tripode. Really appreciate your wishes.

Thanks so much

Wow Thanks so much for the mention, I am so grateful.
I appreciate.
Much love❤❤

You are welcome