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I am overwhelmed to be here on hive to even make my first introduction post.
Who am i?
My name is Juleearnah from Nigeria. I am 23 years old and i am an upcoming musical artist(i love music).I love to eat alot (you can call me the #eatingMachine) even though it does not reflect on my body.

How i met hive?
I came across hive on twitter and i went ahead to know more about it on youtube and i was surprised that hive is among the top 110 coins on coinmarketcap, so i decided to join hive afterward.
what i will be doing here on hive?
I will be showcasing my talent here on hive and i will be going into contest on musical challenge.
I will be also be investing more on my account here on hive so that i can be influential in the community. And also on the quantity of food an average person can eat and comparing it to me.
its nice to meet you,thank you.


Welcome @julii2, we are glad to have you here.

Welcome to the hive blockchain @julii2, you will find that hive is a great place to display your talents.

Hello @julii2, welcome to Hive and good luck on your music.

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Welcome to the party!

You're welcome here!

Welcome julii2!
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Welcome onboard dear. Glad you're here

Welcome!!!! 😊

Welcome to hive, your can join the terminal in discord platform to learn more about hive and u can also join the hivenaija community to meet other Nigerian. We also have our group at the discord( hive naija).

Hi there, welcome!!!
Would you please verify your identity via one of your social media accounts?
There has been a lot of ID theft lately, hence the verification.

Wellcome to great community @julii2

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Welcome to Hive @julii2. Where in Nigeria are you from?

Wow Twitter and YouTube that's awesome... It shows your enthusiasm for success, many have seen that same tweet and trust me not everyone took the initiative to know more about it but you did. You just earn a follower in me.

Welcome to the HIVE, what's even more exciting is that you are Nigerian. I really want to see more Africans in this space.

We have a discord community where Nigerians alike meet to discourse about Hive. One advice I have for you is CONSISTENCY... And as an upcoming artist trust me you really want to check out the @threespeak community for all your videos.

Click here to join the Nigerian discord channel. Just go to google play storr to download Discord and use the link to join the channel.
Once again... Welcome.


Welcome here @julii2. Read the suggestions above and start to discover this new world. If you are a photography interested, I created a blockchain-like photography contest. It Is free, for fun, and you are welcome. If you want to know more, visit my blog, the #photochain tag or read the last edition at

The only thing: you have to adhere to some complicated rules.
If you will join in, good Luck 🙂 If you will not, good Luck for your future here anyway 😉

Hello @julii2 Welcome to Hive. So nice to meet you. So glad you chose Hive for your writing experience. It may seem daunting at first with so many activities and so much to learn. Take your time. Nothing will happen overnight.

The key I feel to being successful on any social platform, especially on Hive is to write original, quality content and engage and connect with other authors with quality comments on their articles. They in turn may engage with you.

Did you know that when you publish your posts on, you are allowed 8 tags; but when you publish your posts on Peakd, you are allowed 10 tags. The more tags, the more exposure for your posts. For example, if you write about food, an appropriate tag may be: #foodiesbeehive #food #diy #build-it.

You mention you love music. Then there are Music Communities you can join. Use tags that relate to music #a-zmusic #entertainment #creativecoin [type of music]

Find several Communities that fit with your writing. No matter what type of writing, there is a Community on Hive to accommodate it. Just browse the COMMUNITIES TAB above.

Hope to engage with you again soon. Take care and stay safe.

hi music star, nice to meet you