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Most of the countries all over the world are still affected of this corona virus. The normal way of life that they had were changed. Many people from different countries were died because of the sickness that brought from this virus, corona. In preventing it on spreading each community ks implementing total locked down. No one is allowed to stay or to outside if there's no necessary reasons to go. There are people who can go outside but only one of them. The purpose of going outside is to buy food, medical needs and some important matter to buy.

One of the countries who are infected with this virus is my beloved country, Philippines. The President implemented this to make sure the Filipino people will be safe from virus. The economy of the country might fall this time but it's fine as long as there is the people. The people who will always make a state or a country that will still live. The people is more important in every country so that make sure they're safe. IMG_20200324_190625.jpg
"Don't go out if not necessary." The government officials said when someone was outside.

"Stay at home to make you safe."
The health organisation reminded us.

"How can we survive if we won't go out to buy food?"
The words of people who didn't want to follow the rules.

"Store food like vegetables, canned goods, instant noodles, meat and fish."

Said by the people who followed the rules.

Yeah, we followed the rules of the government. To make sure the virus stop spreading and to make sure we will not be infected of it. Once a week we went to the market to buy foods for a whole week we need. We saved money in order for us to have remaining money because we are not sure till when this quarantine last.

It's not about eating delicious food this time. Buying materials to make a luxury dishes. This is about how we can survive for a longer days staying in a quarantine mood. Bigger or smaller money will be the same if we don't how to handle it properly. The more important this time is to make sure when longer days we need to be isolated we still have money to use in buying food.

We already knew that the rich people is in advantage this time. They have many resources, they have lot of money to buy. But it doesn't mean poor people is in advantage this time. This is about being wiser in handling things according to our needs. If you knew that you only have smaller amounts of money. Would you buy expensive foods or vegetables? No... there are different foods you can cook with rich in vitamins. It's expensive or not but we are more focused on what kind of vitamins we can gain from it.

Many of us afraid what will happen to us. But in my side it's different. Even the smaller amount of money I have I make sure I can mske my money last for longer days. Just like the other week, I spent 300 pesos or 6 USD. Even just that amount I managed to consume it for a whole week.

I said being wise this time is essential. That's why I asked my fellow boardmate to unite our money in buying food we needs. Not just buying it by the way. We joined together in cooking the food so that the small amount of food can be bigger amount of food we eat. But maybe the kind of lifestyle matter this time. Unlike me I'm used to be i hardship life that's why it's easy for me to handle it. But when you're not used to it, maybe all you need to do is to discipline yourself as of now. Don't worry we can get over it for sure. All we need to do is to endure this time and be patience.

I'm not saying you all must follow how I live for now. I just want to say that disciplining ourselves to eat food is important these days.. Make a budget plan, plan what kind of food you'll eat and what kind of dish you'll going to make that doesn't need much amount of money.

Thank you for reading, the important today is to be safe and survive the hunger.

images are mine
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d' dreamboy,

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Probably the best way to do it kuya. Hang in there!

yeah, ganoon po talaga para makasave ng maramiraming pera habang malayo pa

The issue is on how long can you stretch what money you guys have.. It's not as if u can plant something or go fishing if magtatagal na ganyan. Hanap ka on where you can live on what you can find sa area. Kahet outside ng city.

hindi po pwede lumabas maam, locked down na dito. Kaya mga kalugar ko na natrap sa cebu humihingi ng tulong sa mayor namin pero wala pang resulta eh. hehe

Hmmm mahirap nga,ok naman where u are kuya? Ngats.

medyo ok p nman bt my mga 20 positive na dito

Sa Cebu? It's airborne so madaling makahawa.

I've been buying a big pack of beef jerky each time I go to the store. It's nutritious and ready to eat and doesn't require special care.

I don't know what kind of food is that, sorry.

Ah, it is lean beef strips, that are seasoned and then dehydrated. I guess the dehydrating is what makes it so it doesn't have to be refrigerated. It's basically meat that doesn't spoil. Very tasty! There are videos on youtube of how to make it homemade.

thanks, appreciated.. thanks for sharing ideas..

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Filipinos are strong people. You'll do just fine. Stay safe.


thanks, I hope so..

What a tough situation, the same thing is happening in Venezuela, but we must take care and adapt to the circumstances. Soon the emergency will pass, nothing lasts forever!

thank you, true.. but I hope it won't last that long

You are so right. 🙏