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Technology surprises us more and more when we believe that there are things that would be difficult to overcome, it happens, they overcome it. Recently I read something about food, that has been greatly deteriorated not only at present by the pandemic, and the decrease in production in addition to the difficulties in the supply chain, but it should also be noted that the world population has increased on a large scale.

This has allowed options to be created from genetic engineering and seeds have been created that are capable of offering an exponential yield, the same can be said of livestock, dairy, among many other things.



If, of course, productivity was increased, but at the same time this has had an impact on the increase in water needs to irrigate crops, the grass that serves as food for animals, all these processes also increase the production of CO2 which increases global warming. But not everything is a problem, of course not, there is a solution to every problem. It is about this solution that I want to talk, based on Artificial Intelligence it has been possible to create very nutritious alternatives, without the need to increase livestock production.

I commented at the beginning that I was reading recently about food and I found something particular, I didn't know it until recently, and this is Food 4.0, we can define it as follows:...

"From the use of Artificial Intelligence formulas are generated with combinations based on vegetables and grains to simulate the smell, taste and texture instead of the animal component in the food of origin. "Source

It doesn't really sound complicated, but, uh, it is. There is a process that is carried out to compare the different molecular structures of grains and foods of animal origin, with the intention of replacing them, and to achieve that the product created from Artificial Intelligence is as close as possible to that of animal origin.

This is a perfect example of Machine Learnig, by processing hundreds of samples you can learn about the molecular structure of a certain food and know which structure corresponds to a specific taste, smell or texture and imitate it.

Here I bring, in the image on the left, an example of what its creator (Larkins) called the chicken-free egg, which was made purely from natural ingredients, and its taste is very similar to that of the original food and also contains similar nutrients. But without the use of an animal to obtain it.

For now I am finishing this publication, however I must say that they have already made meat with these methods , and without needing animals for it. What do you think?

I'd like to know what you think about this...
Do you think it could be an alternative in the future?



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Thnak you Piotr

It's very interesting, but I think a lot of people don't eat something that tastes like meat and looks like something else the appearance of food has a psychological role very important i think that it would take a long time to be accepted by people it's a bit bizarre, but I'm sure it's food of the future and a smart and nutritious solution.

It's certainly very rare.
At least for us who are used to other things.
In the end, if that's what it takes. It's just a matter of assuming it and adapting to it.

Thanks for commenting, Reinaldo.

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Thank you.

You are very welcome @josevas217! Good to see you are spreading the love ❤️
cheers, liz