Srey Yuu's ✍️ Daily Hive Journal 📓 #6

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I'm 10 years old, and this Daily Hive Journal helps me learn how to post and use Hive all by myself.

Srey Yuu's Daily Hive Journal and its template are supervised by Dad 👳‍♂️ (@justinparke).
#1 - Shoot and crop an 800x480 cover image by yourself using the Canva iOS app.
#2 - Type and proofread all your text with the help of only the Grammarly keyboard iOS app.
#3 - Write this journal 5 days a week from Monday to Friday when possible.
#4 - Write a minimum of 50 words in each section.
#5 - Take 2 additional photos and crop at 1680 x 1292px using the Canva iOS app.

Hive Journal 📓 #6
Date 📅 Wednesday , May 6th, 2020
Location 🗺️ Paramaribo, Suriname

🏃‍♀️ What I Did Today 👩‍💻

     I helped my mom wash the dishes. Also, I learned how to made aloe juice. Yesterday I was little sick. I have a headache and a stomachache. I'm so sorry that yesterday I didn't post. But today I feel better now. Also, I tried to made a guitar.

🧘 What I Learned Today ✍️

     I learned typing for 26 in one minute. Also,I learned a word the words is fence, wave, branch and expel. Also, I learned a new word in Cambodia. I learned how to made aloe juice. Also, I learned how to made a basket from cereal box. This is easy.

📸 2 Pictures From Today 🤳

0EAF2EC5FE8E4EB7949F5D9175158055.pngaloe juice my mom made

CE693C570DC449C28E23B36126BB6926.pngaloe near our living room

🧠 My Thoughts... 🤔

     I want to have fun with my family and play a game with my family tonight. Also, I want to cook dinner for my family today if I'm free. I want my family happy forever. Also, I want to learn how to cook. I want to make more banana horses and banana guns. Also, I hope you all enjoy my post.


website coming soon!!
Monkey B



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when writing past tense i guess you just conjugate the first verb into past tense and then leave the second. "i tried to make a guitar" or "i learned how to make juice" in that sense ur first verb is try and learn, which u conjugated correctly into past tense ^_^ I think i remember it being similar in spanish, which i believe u are also learning, where u conjugate the first verb and leave the second.

Thank you for talking me and thank you so much for read my post and comment.

We've been working on past tense a lot lately. Obviously the step we haven't reached yet is why you don't double up two past tense verbs like. It is super hard to explain. Even as an English teacher, I believe the English language makes no sense somtimes.

is it not the same in asian languages? At least some of the asian languages i looked at have a very similar rule. example vietnamese>

toi da giup lam dep:
i (past tense conversion word) help(ed) making slippers
toi da lam anh ay(him/he) an(eat) mi an lien(instant noodles)
i made him eat instant noodles

i used the conversion word da only once in the sentence.
i think in Chinese the conversion word would come after the verb, but i would expect khmer grammar to be similar to Vietnamese?

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Maybe next time you can start to write simple instruction for your food or drink by asking your mom or dad :)

Thank you so much 🤗🤗

Thanks for stopping by @anggreklestari. The @KidSisters and @Sreypov love following your blog.

My two daughters are so cute!

Thanks mom