Unleash Abundance

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More and more of us bite the bullet and embrace abundance. not the theoric one, but the real natural abundance.
we have been led to believe over centuries in the concept of scarcity through wars, over population theories, distancing us from nature and tradition, removal of basic human needs from education and more.
when one has eyes in his/her head and the ability to see through narratives and choose to break free from broken systems, one soon realizes that the natural abundance is real. nature literally provides almost all one needs. (not to be confused with what one wants).

this post goes in part as a response to @stuartcturnbull response to my previous post:https://hive.blog/hive-180569/@bigorna1/olive-harvest-update suggesting I could sell my olive oil.
responding to that I said that I have no real need to sell.
I now live very cheaply, growing a lot of my own food and being well over the idea of having to generate income in order to pay bills.

I enjoy picking my olives with friends and I can pick as few as I choose to in order to have enough oil to get me through the year. I generate income, If and when I need any by doing things I enjoy doing.
and I have plenty of free time on my hands to live in a very laid back manner, dedicating time to things that really passionate me.

when caring for the land, the land cares back and provides enormous amounts of food which is as healthy and fresh as any food can be.
the well being gained by working in and with nature is unmeasurable.

while money comes and goes, time is always ticking away. it is the one thing that matters.

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So good to have a land like that. Where I live there is no water available, so it's very hard to grow your own food, we have tried several options but those are not working. Right now I just cultivate sprouts haha, those need less to thrive. I hope I can find the ideal plant to grow in this harsh land and to have some necessities covered, for me just to be able to make some dishes with things I grew gives me a lot in a spiritual way, not so much in an economic way.

how about catching rain water ?
I try to catch every single drop as dry seasons are very long.

We do catch rainwater, all we can, to use in our house because there is no water service, you have to buy it and fill the water tanks and it is expensive (comparing my family income to its cost) there is not enough rain where I live to catch enough water to support both our house and a productive garden... which is ironic considering a lot of neighbor cities and states are struggling with floods these days...

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Thank you. grateful.

Is that a macrolepiota?

macrolepiota procera. yes.

Nice! Never seen one around these parts

We have been blessed here.
every November like clock work.

good to hear! pretty sadly I happen to live more to the north, so no luck for me tooo, never encountered / foraged this splendid fungi.

I am also often asked if we sell milk, eggs or something else. But we do not specifically sell anything and do not look for customers. The task that I set for my homestead is to provide for my own needs. If there are any surpluses, we can sell something to some friends or neighbors. But I also have no real need to sell

Hello again @bigorna1, good to see you in the community!

This post is great, and uniquely profound, as you offer the key to how to be happy on this planet. You talk about something important, and that is the availability of time to be happy, to do what we are pleased to do; and yes, being us humans, part of Nature, we are not exempt from its infinite abundance. Excellent reflection, which I think will make us think deeply about how we lead our lives. A big hug and have a great week.

Thank you for your good words, as always.
it is good to see you too found a way to have time to manage this community which you obviously enjoy.
there is no one way to be happy and we should always strive to grow and find ours.
have a good rest of the week.

Thank you very much for your nice comment @bigorna1, and sorry for my late response. Yes, I really enjoy managing this community, that's why I try to always have a good atmosphere, harmony, love and good vibes. I really liked your post, and the photograph you included says it all: Nature has everything and is a source of infinite abundance. Have a good weekend. Greetings.

A nice bouquiet you've got there! 🤩

For for thought. 😉

@tipu curate

Thank you.

wow the mushroom is so big I have never seen a mushroom so big and the mushroom is edible. thanks for sharing with us

Yes, they get even bigger.
probably the biggest visual gift we get from nature, every November like clockwork.

yes, my friend, thanks for the reply.


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Thank you !

You're welcome!

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