Breakfast by Journey Life

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Good Morning!! What happiness to be able to share with you this delicious preparation. This is one of my classic breakfasts since it is nutritious and at the same time quick to make, it is about oatmeal 🤤

Coconut milk
Coconut cubes
Vegan chocolate

In the video is the step by step 🤗

Btw, for the oatmeal and chia to hydrate it is good to leave it soaking from the night before



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Was it good? I've never tried Oatmeal without cooked before. But, thank you for sharing this video. Maybe, I will try it at home.

Raw oatmeal is delicious, especially when we let it soak, add vanilla essence, honey or sugar, stir well and drink its water, it is very refreshing. You can also blend it and strain it and you get an exquisite horchata. It does not require cooking. Greetings.

Thank you for sharing! ❤

hahaha I find it curious because I am the opposite. I eat raw oatmeal most of the time and hardly ever cook it. I really like how it tastes both ways.

Something to add is that raw oatmeal tastes better if you let it soak a bit.


Oke, thank you for sharing! 😁

If there's one thing I love, it's coconut. I love this fried stuff and being able to use it for many preparations such as ice cream, juice, desserts, etc. I think it is one of the best fruits we can enjoy. I liked the video of the preparation, great job my friend. Blessings 😊

Yes!! coconut is so versatile and delicious. Thank you so much!! greetings

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Me encantó esta preparación @journeylife, es muy sencilla, pero es una bomba nutritiva, además de deliciosa. El uso de la chía lo lleva a otro nivel. Muy buena receta. Saludos.

Así es!! Muchas gracias, aprecio tu apreciación. 💣 Jajajajja