How To Make Easy Corn Pizza

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Making your favorite dish on a plate using simple ingredients is an easy way to make it delicious and beautiful.


Hi vegan lovers, congratulations on carrying out your beautiful activities, I am very happy to be able to say hello and share recipes for my selection of special dishes. This time I'm going to re-cook something delicious and sure to fill you up and made from vegan. Well maybe this dish can accompany your dinner while watching your favorite television broadcast, especially now that we are intoxicated by watching the world cup soccer match. Wow, it's really fun to be able to share special dishes with family or close friends while watching, isn't it.


Corn pizza is one of favorite foods, served with simple toppings and sauces that really suit my taste buds.


This time I will cook an economical vegan pizza. Corn pizza is the right choice when you feel hungry, besides being made from simple ingredients, this pizza is also very easy to prepare. So actually this pizza was inspired by pizza shops that sell online in my area, they offer various types of non-vegan pizza. There are lots of pizzas sold out there that don't suit my taste buds, well maybe it's too sweet or sometimes they give too much sauce that I don't like at all.



Therefore making vegan pizza with minimal ingredients is very fun. Plus, yesterday I left leftover peppers in the fridge, and this one ear of corn will make it easier for me to work with it. Not only made from simple ingredients with the simple Teflon tools available, I was determined to make this economical pizza. The taste is a dellicius at all, even my friend asked to make it again.

Materials Used

To start making a pizza dish, first I prepared some of the ingredients needed along with the ingredients.


250 grams of wheat flour
1 tablespoon of granulated sugar
6 gr fermipan
enough warm water
1 teaspoon of salt
30 ml cooking oil or vegan butter


1 piece of fresh corn
To taste tomato sauce
Pinch of chili sauce (optional)
70 grams of red peppers
50 grams of green peppers
2 Spring onions
1 clove of garlic
5 bird's eye chilies (optional)

Prep Step

Step 1

To make pizza the first thing I do is make the pizza bread dough first by fermipan first then add sugar, then add warm water and let it sit until it's frothy.





Step 2

Then prepare, flour add salt, and add fermipan which has been soaked until foamy, then stir the dough, if it is still hard add little by little water.



Step 3

Now then add oil, and knead the dough until it is smooth then leave it for about 40 minutes and cover with a wet cloth.





Step 4

While waiting for the dough, now I prepared the topping first, cut the sweet corn, then cut the peppers into small pieces.


Step 5

Then, slice the shallots, chilies and garlic according to taste, then sauté them in a little cooking oil.



Step 6

Then stir-fry until golden brown, then add the sweet corn, cook until half cooked, then add the paprika.



Step 7

Add salt and cook until everything is wilted, so don't add water, let the cook with the ingredients in the vegetables.



Step 8

Now, after the pizza topping is ready, proceed to form the dough which has been left for 40 minutes. Form directly in Teflon, flatten the dough according to taste.



Step 9

Then prick the dough using a fork on the surface of the bread.



Step 10

After the dough is skewered, add the chili and tomato sauce, spread evenly over the entire surface of the pizza.



Step 11

Then add the toppings, and cook the pizza on your teflon or grill. Close the pizza tightly so that it cooks perfectly. Now bake for about 15 minutes.






Economical Teflon pizza is ready to serve, I made 2 pizza pans, the first made a slightly thick one, and the thin one. Both were very delicious. The taste of this pizza really suits my tongue, spicy sweet and savory. Which, as I said above, is very difficult to find pizza that suits my tongue. But this taste is the taste that I've been waiting for, it really tempts my tongue. I can finish half a pan of pizza in no time. lol.

About The Author

A woman, firm and stubborn who is called "Nurul", born in July 1993, comes from Indonesia, Aceh province. My daily activity is work.

Besides working, I have several hobbies, namely reading, writing, cooking, gardening, making crafts, and traveling. From this hobby of mine, I will develop some inspiring content for all of you. I am also very happy to discuss positive new things with all of you.




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This pizza is tasty and very easy to make. It is a recipe that can be a delicious dinner. Beautiful photos @nurfay. Greetings.

Hi @sirenahippie you are right this is a delicious and easy dinner.

Thanks for stopping by.

You're welcome!

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Wow the corn pizza looks really amazing. I got hungry just looking at it. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Wow, thank you for liking my pizza, you can try it if you have free time, friend.

Yay! 🤗
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I love pizza in all its presentations, yours looks VERY delicious! When my family makes pizza they usually add a lot of toppings, but my favorite pizza is very simple I like to put only tomato wheels with pesto sauce and olive oil.
Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful and delicious recipe, I send you a big hug! @nurfay

Well, a simple pizza with simple toppings is sometimes more delicious than anything else. Thank you for giving a good comment, and also for stopping by my post @kristal24

wow this looks very delicious, but I'm very curious about the taste of pizza because I've never tried it for the first time

Pizza dishes are very delicious, but vegan pizza dishes like this are very hard to find in our area. You have to try it


I loved your recipe, simple and goes well with any vegetable... this would be the perfect dinner.
I confess, I love tomatoes and I would put a lot of them in it.

Well tomatoes will also be very delicious added to the pizza. I hope you can try it, thanks for sharing with us.

Thank you for sharing your delicious recipe.
We are in touch

This looks very nice. I'm definitely going to try it.🤤🤤🤤

Wow, thanks for visiting, friend, I hope you can try it at home.

This is so weird haha I’ve never heard of a corn being on a pizza but we have different taste buds and that’s okay. Good to know you’ve found the recipe for your taste. :D Nice presentation btw :D

wow really?
In our area, corn is often combined on pizza. I agree with you, tastes are often strange, but on our tongues it feels very delicious.

Thanks for dropping by on my blog buddy.

How healthy and rich this pizza looks.

Thank you @lisbethseijas


I love pizza, homemade pizza is an excellent idea to feed children because it can be super healthy and they will see it as just pizza. I had a friend that didn't like vegetables so much and I made her eat a lot of stuff she hated just by putting it on pizza ahaha, nice recipe! and very beautiful photos.

Wow, you are very lucky to make your friend enjoy vegetables that he doesn't like. Isn't that a miracle?

Thanks for stopping by