Bengali Recipe: Vegetarian cooking with Onion leaves, Gourd and Lentils.

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Bengali Recipe:

Vegetarian cooking with Onion leaves, Gourd and Lentils


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Hello Hive, How are you all? Hopefully all are well and in a sound health. I am here again today with a Bengali vegetarian recipe, hope everyone will like it. We all in our family love to eat vegetables. I like to eat vegetables at least five days a week. We try to include at least one day of egg and one day of meat in the menu, this is how our menu has been for a long time.

I don't always like to eat one type of vegetable so sometimes I like to cook vegetables in different ways. Onion leaves are available in winter which we eat with various curries, it brings a different flavor to the curries. I have already discussed the nutritional value of gourd and lentil, so there is nothing new to say. Today I will show you how to cook onion leaves, gourd and lentil curry, but it is very tasty. This curry is very nutritious as well as tasty.


Necessary Ingredients 🥗


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  • Gourd - 1 pic
  • Onion chop - half cup
  • Lentils - 100 gm
  • Onion leaves - on taste
  • Green Chili - on taste
  • Turmeric powder - 1 spoon
  • Salt - on taste
  • Soyabean oil - As needed
  • Garlic paste - 1 Spoon


Cooking Preparation 🥗


Firstly I cutt over the onion leaf's and washed Lentils properly with water. Then cutt over the Gourd in small pieces. Then washed it properly and took it in a sieve.

Cooking process 🥗


Firstly I put a pot on oven and applied some cooking oil. Then I give the onion chops on it. I fried it for some moments.



Now I give the Lentils and Gourd on it.



On this step I applied Turmeric powder, Garlic paste, green chili's and salt on it.




Now I mixed all the ingredients Properly with veggies. Then added some water on it.


Now i cooked it for ten minutes.



Now I added the Onion leaves on it and cooked them again ten minutes. Our food is ready. Let's server it.


Food Presentation 🍱




Our delicious vegetarian curry is ready. It turned out to be very tasty, the whole family enjoyed it very much. You can also try this recipe. Wishing everyone good health, I am leaving today.


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LocationDhaka, Bangladesh


Who am I?


I am Nusrat Jahan from Bangladesh. I am housewife and Mom. I love to cook and also taking care of my child's. I love travel and Blogging is really attract me to spread my skills through the world. Your support is highly appreciate.


Hi @nusrat5686! This is a super nutritious recipe, with several layers of flavors and textures. A very complete dish that you have shared in the community. Greetings.

Thank you so much 🥰
I just tried my best to present this vegetarian food...
I am really happy everyone liked my recipe. Greetings to you ♥️
Have a good day.

It is a complete and delicious meal, easy to prepare.

I wanted to clarify something for you and it is the following: The term vegetarian is different from vegan. This is a strictly vegan, non-vegetarian community. It is good that you read about it to avoid future confusion.

Have a good day too. Greetings.

I like lentils, but it looks like over there in Bangladesh each recipe contains chili 😁

Ha ha ☺️
Ma'am actually we use Chili in all the recipe. This chili mostly favorite to our country people's. Thank you so much for your feedback ma'am 🥰

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you so much 🥰
I Always appreciate your valuable support.

Traditional south Asian dish. very nicely done greetings😊

Thank you so much