Vegan Recipe: Moringa leaves cooked with Lentils. || (The extreme Nutritious food)

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Vegan Recipe:

Moringa leaves cooked with Lentils
(The extreme Nutritious food)


Hello #hive 👋
How are you all friends? Hope everyone is well. I am connecting with you from Bangladesh. Today I am here with another new nutritious recipe. My recipe is Moringa leaves cooked with Lentils. This recipe is very easy and nutritious. My grandmother used to cook this dish very well And my mother learned from my grandmother. Then my mom also cooks this dish for us sometimes, I also learn to make this dish from my mom, this dish is really very tasty and nutritious. We cook Moringa leaves in many ways. Such as fried Moringa leaves, Moringa leaf smashed, and Lentils curry with moringa leaves. This morning, I presented the curry of Moringa leaves and Lentils in front of you. I will discuss with you that there are many benefits of Moringa leaves, so let's know what are the benefits of Moringa leaves.


Benefits of Moringa leaves

Moringa leaf is the most nutritious vegetable in the world, which nutritionists call the nutrition super food. It is a food rich in nutrients many times more than oranges, milk, carrots and bananas, which directly helps to increase the immune system of the body. It contains all the nutrients and nutrients that are sufficient for a human body. Moreover, it works directly for various diseases. It is considered as a great medicine for diabetics. If one consumes it regularly, one can get rid of long term physical complications. I think of it as the atomic bomb of nutrition.

I talk a lot about nutrition, now let's start the recipe. Below is what we need to make the recipe.

Necessary Ingredients


  • Moringa leaves- 300 grams
  • Lentils- 100 grams
  • Onion big - one piece
  • Garlic large - one piece
  • Green chillies- four pieces
  • Dry chillies- two pieces
  • Salt - to taste
  • Oil- as needed
  • Garlic paste - half teaspoon
  • Turmeric powder- half teaspoon
  • Chilli powder- half teaspoon
"Cooking Preparation"





When my husband brought the leaves from the moringa tree, I tore them and put them in a basket. Then I washed it well with water.


Next I finely chopped the onion and garlic and washed the lentils well.

Cooking Process


Now put a pan in the oven and put oil in it as needed. When the oil is hot, add chopped onions, chopped garlic, dry chilies and fry them until light brown.



Now I add the Lentils and fried it some moments.



Then add lentil, turmeric powder, chili powder, salt and garlic and grind it for a while. Then I fried all with spices for some moments.



Now I add some water on it and cooked for 10 minutes.



Then I add the Moringa leaves and mixed them properly. Then I cooked for 10 to 15 minutes. Our delicious and nutritious food is ready. It's time to serve some nutritious food.

Food Presentation





Guys that's my recipe today. I don't know how you feeling about my recipe but i really recommend to all please try it to gain more nutrition on your body. It's really a #naturalmedicine . If you Like my recipe your valuable feedback and support highly appreciate 🤗.

Who am I?


I am Nusrat Jahan from Bangladesh. I am housewife and Mom. I love to cook and also taking care of my child's. I love travel and Blogging is really attract me to spread my skills through the world. Your support is highly appreciate.


I think I will be encouraged to eat moringa leaves in this way, as I understand that they are very nutritious. Excellent recipe.

Thank you so much 🥰
Yes this is really nutritious food.
You can eat this Moringa leaves.

I'm always learning something new while reading your post. I've never heard of Moringa leaves, I suppose it's not growing in my country, so I have to pass on this recipe, but it looks great.

Thank you so much ma'am 🥰
If you get this plant anywhere of your country you can simply take a branch of it and grow this plant. This is really a natural medicine and best nutritious food. You can search about moringa leaves health benefits on internet. Thank you so much for your valuable feedback.

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Moringa leaves curry recipe is so healthy and nutritious food. Moringa leaves protects against various kinds of dangoues diseases.definitely healthy recipe. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much.
Yes, this Moringa leaves are really nutritious food.
Usually we eat this....

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I really appreciate....