A new weekly activity: Your Veggie Shopping # 5 (Grains, beans)

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Hello plant based foodies, wherever you are in the world!

Here @sirenahippie

Today we are back, for the Fifth Edition of this weekly vegan challenge YOUR VEGGIE SHOPPING, activity to know more about the shopping experience that all of you, dear users, have to supply your pantry with food either in the markets, in the different commercial establishments or directly in the field, with the producers.

Today, Saturday 11/19/2022, our Fourth Edition (Spices) ends. This time we had a total of 6 entries, all very interesting and wonderful, although two of the entries were disqualified for not following the conditions of the challenge. The four entries valid for this edition, all of them winners, were the following:



spice shopping | by @hindavi

If anyone knows about spices, it's @hindavi. In her native India, she learned the use and benefits that these wonderful ingredients bring to the kitchen; however, currently she lives in Norway, so it is very difficult for her to find the variety and freshness that she would like in her spices, even so, she found a place where she can buy quality spices and she takes us for a walk to know how she does her spice shopping.



vegan shopping fourth edition special selected spices | by @yulia-hive

In Indonesian gastronomy, the use of a variety of spices is very common, and this is demonstrated by @yulia-hive when she takes us on a walk to buy spices in a local supermarket. She chooses very well the purchases she will make based on the dishes she plans to prepare for the week.



Shop the Vegan Spice Edition and Tips for Storing Them | by @nurfay

On this occasion @nurfay takes us for a walk to a traditional market, where she finds a variety of incredible spices, at a very good price, and with great quality. There are spices that she can hardly buy elsewhere, and that perhaps are unknown in other countries, that's why she chooses this market, because there she finds all the necessary spices for her to cook her delicious Indonesian dishes.

Also, in her great post, @nurfay offers us tips on how to store spices so that they have maximum durability and also guides us on how to use them in the kitchen. A really complete post that she made for this challenge. We congratulate she on her excellent participation.



Mis Compras de Verduras #4 (Especias) (Ing/Esp) | by @daysiselena

If anyone learned very well how to use spices to enhance their benefits for human health, that's @daysiselena, who, after caring for her sister with cancer, learned how to combine spices in food to make the most of their medicinal properties and nutritional. And this time she takes us to a supermarket where she buys spices, and also tells us how she uses them in her dishes.



Below are the transfers of the prizes to the winners



Today we are back, for the Fifth Edition of this weekly vegan challenge YOUR VEGGIE SHOPPING, an activity that has arisen in order to know more about the shopping experience that all of you, Dear users, have to stock your pantry with food either in the markets, in the different commercial establishments or directly in the field, with the producers.


Among the purchases we make to stock our pantries, one of the most important is GRAINS OR BEANS, those wonderful grains that are one of the fundamental bases of vegan cooking. In each country there is a certain variety of grains, which can certainly surprise us. So for this new challenge, corresponding to week 5, we want to go shopping with you, but ONLY TO BUY GRAINS OR BEANS. In this post you will not include vegetables, fruits or spices, only GRAINS OR BEANS, and we also want you to give us tips for buying and preserving these foods.





  • Only one post per participant will be accepted.

  • Post must be published in this Plant Power (Vegan) community.

  • Please be original - no old content and nothing plagiarized! (The post that incurs in plagiarized will be disqualified).

  • You must appear in at least two (2) photos making your veggie shopping of grains or beans.

  • The post must have a minimum length of 300 words in English, (it can be a bilingual post too)

  • You will tell us about GRAINS OR BEANS, as we indicated in the paragraph before this section.

  • You must show your purchases.

  • Use the tags: #vegan #foodie #plant in the first five places.

  • Engage with others!

  • Drop your link below - no link, no entry!


  • We have 3 prizes of 100 @ecency points, 30 foodie each.
  • The winners will be announced in the next post.


We look forward to your participation!


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Ohhh, thanks @esalcedo

Added to the contest channel in Ecency Discord!

Ohh, thanks for your support @melinda0101100

I've only recently started following this community, and the contest challenge seems intriguing. I enjoy eating veggies. I therefore consider this to be one of my favorite community.❤️✌️

Ohhh, you are more than welcome @mell79, we hope you feel very good in the vegan community and that you bring good recipes to share with everyone. Whenever you like you can participate in our weekly vegan challenges, you are invited. Greetings.

Thank you for the friendly welcome, @plantpoweronhive. I'll attempt to participate in the new challenge and see what I can contribute here. Enjoy your day and best wishes.

Thanks @mell79, we look forward to your participation!

Thank you for the gift @plantpoweronhive.
wow vegan shopping again with a more interesting theme must be really exciting.

Thank you for constantly participating in these initiatives @yulia-hive, your posts are always very interesting. Greetings.

thanks very much

Congratulations to the winners!

Thank you very much for your support and comment. It would be great to see you shopping. I hope one day you will participate. Have a happy Monday.-

Thanks, I am looking forward to going shopping soon. My wife would also be happy with that! 😅

Oh, that is great! We look forward to your participation!

Thank you @plantpoweronhive for your curation and your kind support greetings🙏😊

Your posts are very good @hindavi, we always like to see you participate in the weekly challenges

Thank you very much but it is not so easy to travel in this kind of weather go to shopping. now started snowing here and dark cold days and no energy. But in case if I will get a chance I will try. greetings❤️😊

Oh well, I look forward you have to better days, when the sun shines and have energy. Greetings.

Thank you for your nice words but so ice-cold heavy wind. we had just 5 minutes sun yesterday. now the forecast is next week the sun will appear for 1 hour maybe not. this year is so bad than before. see what happens.

Oh God, it's so cold there!

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Thanks for the support!

This is an important participation for us too, so we have a lot of different variations when it comes to shopping with new challenges, Thank you for taking us shopping, it's really fun

Thanks for your entry @nurfay

I had everything ready to participate and I didn't take the pictures where I appear buying 😭😭 next week I won't miss the competition

Ohh, so sad @soychalbed, then next week, you're invited!


Greetings! Here I share with you my purchases of grains and nuts. I didn't want to enter the contest because I didn't have pictures of myself since I made my purchases over the phone. But I would like to share my experience with you.