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Hello plant based foodies, wherever you are in the world!

The Plant Power (Vegan) community is characterized by having great content creators. The quality of the posts we receive on a daily basis is very good, and that makes us proud, because we know that all of you take great care and make an effort to make your posts for this community; however, below we are going to offer some brief tips that could be useful to you to further raise the quality of your writings.


Let's start with the post titles:

  • Being titles, it is not necessary to end them with a point, it is unnecessary.
  • On the other hand, brevity is the most recommended, it is not necessary to describe the recipe in the title, a short sentence that reflects the essence of it is enough.

  • In the titles it is not recommended to include the scientific names of any of the ingredients they use, this can be done in the text of the publication.

  • The titles must be in English. They can also be bilingual.


Let's continue with the text or body of the post:

  • We know that there are short recipes, but we aspire for publications of at least 350 words in English, (they can be bilingual publications, but they must always be written in English).

  • We recommend making an introduction to each post, in which you tell us in general terms about the dish, the ingredients, the meaning of the recipe, how you learned to make it, when you prepare it, etc.

  • It is also convenient to present a list with the ingredients and their amounts, using terms of measurement units (kilos, grams, liters, milliliters, etc.), not unreliable measures (a jet, a handful, a piece, etc. ). This is very important, so that the readers know how many ingredients they must acquire to make the recipes presented by you.

  • Each recipe must be made progressively, from scratch, little by little, explaining each step with text and the corresponding photograph, until it is ready and served.

  • The scientific names of some plants are only required if the plant is not common worldwide. It is not necessary to put the scientific name of tomatoes, carrots, onions, corn, lettuce, etc.; but it is necessary to include it if the plant is little known.

  • We also invite you to be careful with spelling and layout. It is advisable to review the drafts very well before publishing.


Now we go with the photos:

  • Always the photographs that are taken with natural light, daylight, will be more beautiful and sharper than those taken at night or in the darkness of a room or with artificial light; for this reason, we recommend taking the photos near an indirect source of sunlight.

  • You can also use the simple device called light box, which you can even make by hand (there are many tutorials on the Internet), and it will give you many advantages because it isolates the object you want to photograph and increases the level of clarity in photos.

  • Taking many photos of the same scene is recommended, because it reduces the risk of only having blurry, shaky, ugly and not very sharp photos. By having a large number of photos, there is where to choose the best ones.

  • Although it may seem tedious, you have to take care of the details, because serious mistakes can be made in the details. For example, iron the tablecloth that we use to present our recipes well, take care of the order and cleanliness in which the objects and ingredients are arranged, clean the edges of the plates or containers with a napkin or cloth when we are going to serve the food. The latter offers neatness to the recipe, it looks clean and well presented.

  • The shots should not focus only on the content of the bowl, pot, plate, glass; rather, a shot must be taken with a broader plane, in which part of the environment can be observed, this will give the photo more aesthetics and allow a better appreciation of the production process.

  • It is necessary to identify which device (photographic or cell phone) you use when taking your photos, as this gives us technical details about it, and it is valuable information that can help us all in the future, as it tells us how good a device is in terms of which refers to photographs. This can be done with a note at the end of the post.

  • We like to see you cooking occasionally, it can be fun, and it's a way for us all to get to know each other better.

Now we go with general recommendations:

  • We have always tried to maintain a harmonious climate and good vibes in this community, so we trust in the honesty of each one of you, and we hope that you do not incur in plagiarism or reposting of text content and/or photographs . It is sad, disappointing and unpleasant to detect any of these practices, and the trust placed in each one of you could be broken.

  • We believe that each of you can make quality content, so it is not necessary to rely on image bank photographs (which are free of copyright), or paraphrasing from other publications. Each of you has a universe to write about, it is not necessary to take content from other people.

  • Since we live in a virtual world in the blockchain, direct interaction is replaced by comments and visits to the posts of other colleagues, so it is beautiful to see how everyone supports each other, visits, comments, encourages and Congratulate on your posts. That's great!

  • Also remember to read our community rules. They are short and easy to understand.


We hope that these simple tips are read, and those who have not yet applied them in their work as content creators in this community, will gradually apply them to their publications, so that their posts are even better.


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Thank you very much for supporting us with these excellent tips, sometimes it can happen that we get blocked with ideas for a good introduction of the post, but it is better to wait for the muse to arrive, because otherwise we can damage the work we are doing.

Take several photos: it happened to me once that I took the photo centered on my plate, but I did not take into account that the camera captures other details and it turned out that the only photo had my cat in the background and took away the protagonism of what was really important, hehehe, so I learned that it was better to take several photos.

Thanks for the advice and support to improve every day, happy night.

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Ohhh, thanks @brittandjosie!

Ofcourse dear we have to spread the love lady token

These are tips that are really very helpful for beginners. I think this is really worth implementing in every post in order to create an extraordinary post.

I am very grateful to this community, before the community made these tips. I have also been given a lot of personal input in each of my posts when I first joined here. And I'm very grateful that the community provides a good way for me to always study and learn so that I can be at this point. Work and provide articles that are worth reading.

Hi @nurfay. These tips are of a general nature. As I said at the beginning, many of you already make very good and high-quality posts, as is your case, but perhaps other colleagues need a little guidance. Thank you for reading and commenting on this post. Greetings.

Thank you very much for some of these very useful tips, I feel very fortunate to be able to join this community, I am also happy when there is input like this, so I know even more Where is my mistake that I haven't corrected maybe there is, and everyone will also continue to present their work with the right understanding and procedure, so will I, Thank you very much for the support so far

Hi @yulia-hive. These tips are not addressed to anyone in particular, but I made them in a general way, for those who need them. You already make good posts, however I appreciate that you have read and commented on this publication. Thanks.


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Made in Canva

Ohhh, thanks for your support!

gracias por eso consejo..

thanks for the tips and explanations @plantpoweronhive 🙏👍🏻😊

Hopefully in the future I can make a better post

Yes, that's fine, I recommend that before posting here again, you research what Veganism is, because it is very different from Vegetarianism.