Absolutely unique vegan recipe: Delicious healthy nutritious Mustard spinach fry recipe

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Hello, all my hive foodie friends.I hope everyone is fine.Today i am going to share healthy nutritious mustard spinach fry recipe.Definitely it is so healthy and tasty spinach fry recipe.I hope everyone will enjoy this mustrad spinach fry recipe.Specially you will get defrend unique flavour from this mustrad spinach fry recipe.Now i am sharing how to make delicious healthy nutritious Mustard spinach fry recipe.


Let's make


Mustard spinach300 grams
Onion2 pieces
Garlic1 piece
Raw chilli8 Pieces
Tumaric powder1/2 tablespoons
Salt1 tablespoons
Five carminents1/2 tablespoons
Mustard oil4 tablespoons

Preparation and process

First of all I collected mustard spinach from vegetable garden.After collecting mustard spinach,i chose this spinach and cut as needed.Lastly i wash this mustrad spinach with fresh water.

I collected onion garlic and removed onion garlic Shells and cut onion Slicely.After collecting raw chilli,i cut raw chilli from middle portion.

I kept a pan on oven.I mix 4 tablespoons mustard oil in pan and heat it and mix onion garlic and five carminents with heat mustard oil in pan.i fried slightly.I add mustard spinach with frying onion garlic in pan.

I mix tumaric powder, salt and raw chilli chopping with mustard spinach in pan and blend it well.

I fried this mustrad spinach as needed.Actually i fried this healthy nutritious mustrad spinach 15 minutes in pan.After frying i pick up this mustrad spinach fry recipe from pan.


In this way i make delicious healthy nutritious Mustard spinach fry recipe.Now this mustrad spinach fry recipe is ready for serve.

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Hi @simaroy, a delicious and nutritious recipe to share with family and take advantage of the goodness and nutrients of spinach.


You say absolutely right. Absolutely healthy and nutritious delicious food. Thanks a lot for your valuable comment. Friend

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