Absolutely unique vegan recipe: Delicious healthy yummy Aloo kabli Chole recipe

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Hello, all my hive foodie friends.I hope everyone is well.Have a great day.Today you will enjoy delicious Aloo kabli Chole recipe.Really so tasty and homemade recipe.Definitely so healthy and nutritious food.Aloo and kabli Chole has more and more nutritions.Specially Kabli chole include high protein.It increases us emunity power and protect us against various kinds of dangoues diseases.I love kabli Chole.This chole is very popular in India.Aloo kabli Chole is very tasteful recipe. it has defrend yummy alluring flavour.I hope everyone will like this Aloo kabli Chole recipe. Now i am sharing how to make delicious healthy Aloo kabli Chole recipe.


Let's make


Kabli chole250 grams
Potatoes1 piece
Onion paste5 tablespoons
Dry chilli paste3 tablespoons
Cumin paste4 tablespoons
Raw chilli paste3 tablespoons
Black pepper paste3 tablespoons
Ginger paste2 tablespoons
Garlic paste2 tablespoons
Tumaric powder1 tablespoons
Salt1.5 tablespoons
Raw chilli8 Pieces
Wateras needed
Dry chilli3 pieces
Bay leaves3 pieces
Mustard oil6 pieces

Preparation and process

First of all I collected 250 grams Kabli chole and wash this chole with fresh water.I soaked this kabli Chole in water as needed for boiling quickly so that it can solf slightly.

I collected potatoes, onion chopping and cut potatoes as needed and took potatoes chopping, ginger and onion chopping.

I wash potatoes chopping with fresh water.After collecting cumin, onion, garlic,dry chilli,raw chilli and black pepper,I made paste by this ingredients seperately.

I add 2 tablespoons mustard oil in pan and heat it .I add potatoes chopping and Kabli chole with heat oil in pan.After frying slightly ,I mix tumaric powder and add salt with kabli Chole in pan and blend it well.

I add water as needed with kabli chole in pan .After sometimes,i admix raw chilli with Kabli chole in pan and boil this Kabli chole and potatoes until it will be boil .After boiling,i Pick up this Aloo kabli Chole from pan.

I add 4 tablespoons mustard oil in pan and heat it and mix dry chilli,bay leaves with this oil .and admix all types of pastes in pan.

After frying sometimes,i admix Aloo kabli Chole recipe again in pan and boil 12 minutes in pan.After completing this Aloo kabli Chole recipe,i pick up this Aloo kabli Chole recipe from pan.


In this process,I made delicious healthy Aloo Kabli chole recipe.Now it is ready for serve.

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This looks and sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Absolutely right. It is very delicious recipe. Thanks a lot friend.

Esto se ve muy bueno, ya quiero comer uno así en el almuerzo 😁

Ofcourse, i am glad for your valuable comment. Thanks a lot friend.

Greetings friend, happy day 👨‍🍳

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Kabli Chole are my favorite, they are very good to eat. I love your recipe, we cook it like this here too. !DIY

Thanks a lot for your valuable comment.friend