Absolutely unique vegan recipe: Delicious yummy Coconut Roll Recipe

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Good evening, all hive foodie friends.I hope everyone is well.Today you will enjoy absolutely unique vegan plantbased recipe: Coconut Roll recipe.Coconut roll recipe is so delicious and yummy recipe. You will get slight chilli, sweet soft tasty flavour from this recipe.It is a homemade and healthy vegan recipe.You will make this tasty Coconut nut recipe by my recipe process.Now i am going to share how to make delicious healthy coconut roll recipe.


Let's start



Coconut 🥥1 piece
Coconut pure shells chopping1 Cup
Flour200 grams
Coconut water1/2 Cup
Onion4 pieces
Ginger25 grams
Raw chilli6 pieces
Salt1/2 tablespoons
Sugar5 tablespoons
Soyabean oil400 grams
Water1/2 Cup


First of all I gathered 1 piece of coconut 🥥.After cutting this coconut from middle portion.I collected coconut pure shells from coconut and did coconut pure shells chopping.

I collected onion chopping and ginger chopping.After that i collected raw chilli chopping and 1/2 tablespoons salt.

I took 1/2 Cup sugar and 200 grams flour for making coconut roll recipe.

First Process

At first I collected flour.After that i add 1/2 tablespoons salt with flour properly.

I mixed 1 tablespoons soyabean oil with flour.After blend it properly,i add slight water with flour at times.I made doo.I kept sometimes.

I took coconut pure shells chopping and add onion chopping .and blend it properly by my hand.

I add ginger chopping and mix Raw chilli chopping with coconut chopping.

I mixed sugar with coconut Chopping and blend it properly.

I collected flour doo and made small size ball structure.I made bread structure.

I kept mixing Coconut chopping on raw bread structure and covered it properly.I hope everyone can understand easily by seeing this images.

I made coconut roll and took preparation for making final frying coconut roll.

Final directions

I kept a pan on oven and took 400 grams soyabean oil in pan and heat this soyabean oil in pan.

I mixed 4 pieces coconut roll with heat Soybean oil and fried it properly.After that i pick up this coconut roll from pan.

I add 4 pieces coconut roll again with heat soyabean oil in pan and fried it properly and pick up this coconut roll from pan.


In this process, i make healthy delicious
Coconut roll recipe.Now this delicious coconut roll recipe is ready for serve.

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Sincerely thanking you for reading.



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It is looking very different and also very delicious, you share it very nicely.

You say absolutely right.it is very delicious food. Thanks a lot friend @semarekha

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I am confused, you said you collect and chopped coconut shells???... silly you chopped the coconut inside the shell, the white part...which you should call coconut pulm... I was thinkinh, what this guy is saying cut and chop coconut shells...

Anyway... the recipe seems god...but you have not communicated clearly I feel...

Friend, At first i collected coconut and collected White part .i used coconut white part with this roll recipe. I hope you can understand. Thanks a lot for your comment.

This makes me so hungry. The fresh coconut must be amazing. I can't get a good coconut here in Canada. When I get a coconut I have a hard time opening it haha. Your rolls look delicious.

Thanks a lot friend for your valuable comment.yes. it is so so delicious roll recipe.

Hello, the dough took a beautiful color, it looks crunchy, it is really very interesting the filling. They look delicious.