Absolutely unique vegan recipe: Healthy delicious Banana mocha paturi recipe or Banana flowers paturi recipe

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Good evening, all hive foodie friends.I hope everyone is well.Have a great day.Today you will enjoy nutritious delicious Banana flowers paturi recipe.Really so unique and healthy vegan recipe.It is an absolutely plantbased vegan recipe.I hope everyone will like this banana flowers paturi recipe.First time i make this yummy delicious Banana flowers paturi recipe.If you make this paturi recipe,i hope you will get awesome flavour yummy tasty veg paturi recipe.I got more taste from this paturi recipe.Now i am sharing delicious banana flowers paturi recipe.



Let's start


Banana mocha1 piece
Pea-pod100 grams
Onion1 piece
Garlic1 piece
Raw chilli paste4 tablespoons
Raw chilli7pieces
Mustard paste3 tablespoons
Ginger paste2 tablespoons
Cumin paste3 tablespoons
Dry chilli paste1 tablespoons
Tumaric powder1/2 tablespoons
Salt1.5 tablespoons
Mustard oil10 tablespoons
Water1 Cup

Preparation and process

First of all i gathered banana mocha and cut this banana flowers as needed and wash with fresh water.

I add 2 tablespoons mustard oil in pan and heat it and mixed onion Chopping garlic Chopping and add banana flowers.mix 1/2 tablespoons Tumaric powder and 1 tablespoons salt with banana flowers in pan.

I add 1 Cup water and mix raw chilli chopping and admixed pea-pod with banana flowers in pan .i mixed all masala paste slightly with banana flowers for increasing taste in pan.

I boil this banana flowers 25 minutes in pan and i pick up this banana flowers from pan.

I collected banana leaf from banana garden for making this paturi recipe.

I collected raw chilli paste, cumin paste,dry chilli paste, ginger paste, mustard paste,2 tablespoons mustard oil etc.

I took boil banana flowers and add Raw green chilli paste, mustard paste, ginger paste, cumin paste with banana flowers.

After blended properly, i took banana leafs one by one.i kept banana flowers . After covering banana leafs ,i tied banana leaf with yarn.

I kept one pan on oven. I mixed 4 tablespoons mustard oil in pan.

I mixed banana flowers paturi in pan.I fried this paturi 12 minutes in pan.After that i pick up this paturi recipe from pan.

In this process, i make healthy delicious
Banana mocha paturi recipe.Now this paturi recipe is ready for serve.

The benefits of Banana mocha

Banana mocha include variety kinds of vitamin,Iron, calcium etc .It is very healthy food. If we eat banana mocha regularly, we can prevent various kinds of dangoues diseases.Becides banana mocha protects us against nyctalopia disease.This banana mocha increase our eye power.Even it keeps us our teeth and bone well. In a word banana flowers increase our immunity power.Banana mocha include iron , calcium,Iodine, magnisium etc.Because of this ingredients, it helps us our teeth structure.We can say easily that the benefits of banana flowers or banana mocha is endless.I will request that offcourse you will eat banana mocha.Today's banana mocha paturi is so unique and delicious recipe.So you can try this paturi recipe.

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Sincerely thanking you for reading.



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Hi @simaroy! This is a very interesting recipe, with an excellent presentation. This presentation is similar to a Christmas dish that we make in Venezuela, called hallacas. Thank you for sharing your good content in the vegan community. Greetings.

@sirenahippie friend, i am very happy for your valuable comment and inspirational comment.i am always trying my best. Many many thanks my dear friend.

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The banana wrapping recipe turns out like a pretty texture, it would be dramatically rich in flavor. I think if I live in rural areas, it would be great to find such this big banana leaf.

You say absolutely right. As i live in village, i can collect banana leaf easily. Actually i have banana garden. It is awesome flavour delicious paturi recipe. Thanks a lot for your valuable comment @mich.brmey friend.

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That is really exquisite, it is very difficult to differentiate it from beef, once when I was a child I tried it and I liked it a lot, although the preparation was different that time.