Northern Street Foods - Tasty Suya Meat And Masa

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Hello Hivers! Happy Easter! It's a lovely weekend evening and I spent it going on a stroll around my neighbourhood. My friend and I came upon a suya seller popularly called Mallam. We made a stop, relaxed on a chair beside him as he got busy preparing some suya, made our order and chatted away.

I'm sure you are wondering what suya means. Suya is a Nigerian street or finger food that comprises mainly skewered meat and innards. This food is popular with the Hausas, one of the major ethnic groups in the northern part of Nigeria. They are experts at making suya and trained in the art and spice of meat preservation.


I spent some years in the north, so I am very familiar with suya and how it's prepared. Usually, the seller washes the meat and coats it with pepper mix. This pepper mix contains lots of ground pepper (very important), a little salt, seasoning, spices like ground ginger, vegetable oil etc.

There is a little variant with the mix. In the North, a popular snack made with peanut balls commonly called kuli kuli are added to the mix to make the suya crunchy and tastier.


Kuli kuli is made by grinding roasted groundnuts until the mixture almost reaches a nut butter consistency.

Then the seller allows the meat to marinate and soak in the coating. He starts his barbecue fire, positioning the meat sticks around the fire grill until the meat cooks. Apart from beef and innards which are the common suya, mutton and chicken are also prepared into suya and sold but the price would be different.

When a buyer comes along, the seller unpacks the meat from the stick into a padded newspaper and garnishes the grilled meat with chopped onions, cucumber, cabbage and tomatoes.

One thing that differentiates the suya in the south-west from the ones made in the north is masa. Masa is cornmeal, fried into a disc-like shape. It's delicious too. When you eat suya and masa together, just know you have eaten a healthy, balanced diet meal. Lol!

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When my friend and I made our order, I insisted it should be hot, straight from the fire. I cannot stand cold food. By the time we were done snacking on suya and licking our lips, our noses were dripping and running as well! A delicious, spicy meal is always worth it!

What finger food or street food is common in your town or country?

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Hello friend, how do you describe it, wow, it provokes to eat it, I would like to eat the kuli kuli sometime it would be fantastic, a hug, thank you for always supporting me.

Greetings @marito74! The kuli kuli tastes delicious because it's made from peanuts. Thanks for visiting my blog and writing a nice comment. 🍀
Saludos @ marito74! El kuli kuli tiene un sabor delicioso porque está hecho de maní. Gracias por visitar mi blog y escribir un buen comentario. 🍀

I love suya sometimes back until I wasn't interested again because of what I encountered then. The suya man actually accidentally cuts his finger on the suya and the blood splitted on the suya. I had to leave there and since then, I stopped buying. The thought that such has occurred again keeps coming back to me. Lol

Oh no! I can imagine how nauseating that experience was. It's not all the suya sellers that are neat but you just have to find one that is. Sorry about that. 🙂

Well, I have stopped eating it unless I go for another meat just like Asun 😂😂

Lolll... You sound like a Suya expert 😋

Lady K, where is my share of the Suya and Masa?

Mehnnnn... Anyone that knows about Suya and Masa will already be salivating at the moment. Happy Easter To You

Lol! As in, just the aroma of the spiced meat roasting on the wire rack gets me salivating! I'm sure you had a suya spot in Jos. In West Mines, there are some cool suya spots there unless if they've moved.

Your share? You missed! Maybe next time. 😋 Happy Easter to you too! 🍀

Hahaha... Wowww. You still remember West of Mines?

I lived at Zik Avenue, along Tafawa Balewa Rd. A minute away from township stadium.

Heheh... My Suya customer stays opposite the stadium so, l always go there for my Masa and Suya. Mehhhnnn, Babeeee🤣, that meal is unmatched - it's second to none

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