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RE: Northern Street Foods - Tasty Suya Meat And Masa

in Cross Culture2 years ago

Lolll... You sound like a Suya expert 😋

Lady K, where is my share of the Suya and Masa?

Mehnnnn... Anyone that knows about Suya and Masa will already be salivating at the moment. Happy Easter To You


Lol! As in, just the aroma of the spiced meat roasting on the wire rack gets me salivating! I'm sure you had a suya spot in Jos. In West Mines, there are some cool suya spots there unless if they've moved.

Your share? You missed! Maybe next time. 😋 Happy Easter to you too! 🍀

Hahaha... Wowww. You still remember West of Mines?

I lived at Zik Avenue, along Tafawa Balewa Rd. A minute away from township stadium.

Heheh... My Suya customer stays opposite the stadium so, l always go there for my Masa and Suya. Mehhhnnn, Babeeee🤣, that meal is unmatched - it's second to none