Tiny Snacks

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Every year the size of snacks gets smaller and smaller. I was sure that they were twice this size when I first came to Korea and the price was three times cheaper.

Of course I can't compare this to costco size but I remember some years ago watching Monday night football 🏈 with a bag of doritoes that seemed to have no bottom.

I remember shelves stacked with snacks that were almost as big as me. Now these snack bags are smaller than my hand. I guess these little snack pacages are better for health. Anyway no looters will be stealing these Nachoes.

It's Nacho cheese so lego my eggo.

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Same thing over here. The value of money keeps dropping and the produce are low quality.

It's coming to the point we have to be self sustaining. Maybe you should learn to make your own beer.

That's actually a brilliant idea. Surely it can't be that hard.

Quite the contrary! in Indonesia we have those snacks in big sizes and less mini sizes. When I look at those snacks, it's almost similar to what we have except it's written in Indonesian. Actually, I was talking to a friend of mine the other day. We wondered what can we get with 500 KRW and now I know, what I can get with 1000KRW