Roadside "Fresh Water" Fish Market ! #marketfriday

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I remember when I was in school, and we use to make noises or gossiping in between the intervals or period break, teachers used to barge into our classroom shouting "what kind of fish market this is?"

That time I could not understand the meaning of the phrases until, I had the own experince, when I went to buy our roadside fish market.


As fresh as can be, you can find variety of fish in this market. If you are wondering, if I went to any complex then, let me clear, In India we do not have specified Store or dedicated complex for fish market. We can find it just under the overbridge in middle of the road.
As I am standing at one point, to my right, the scene looks like


And to my left there is not much difference. The whole stretch h, full of Fish vendors sitting and selling their stock of fresh water fish


Standing in middle of the fish market, one can feel the chaotic scene all over the place with too much noise all over. Shouts of fishes and people querying, motor noises everything was. The place is so chaotic, that one can't even listen the voice of others, unless you get close to their ear.

Well, the fish vendors do busy with their job deldicately


The fish vendors usually have loads of dfishes kept in open. He has one big cutting blade under his foot, that use to cut the dishes into small fishes.


Each of Fish Vendors also have a weighing instrument. This kind of weighing machine is manually operated and used to weight the dishes.


The fish vendors is so experienced, that he is multi tasking. While one side, he is busy in cutting the fishes, on the other hand, he is looking for the buyer.


Of course, you can get a chance of good bargain. The process they quote is much higher so you can get a better deal. The fish vendors keep entertaining each buyer and simultaneously keep reducing ing the prices, until the buyer finally agree.


These vendors or call the hawkers have all kind of fishes with them. While they have the live fresh water fishes kept in a big drum, where fish can swim


On the hand, the big catch were displayed by cutting into small pieces. I guess, the buyer for fresh alive fishes are more, however there could be more demand for these big fishes too.


So finally after negotiating, and getting a better deal, I bought Rohu fish, which is quite popular In India. The vendor then wash them and cut them into small pieces to carry home.


Denise I.e @dswigle this post is as fresh as the fishes. Posting it, as I am buying my fish. Such market just develop overtime, and these people just illegally occupy the road area to sell. However in between whenever there are checking they,wind up everything and ran home. As I did to finish my #marketfriday post.


Namaste @steemflow


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Bartering a price down is half the fun, one normally has a good idea on price never accepting first price offered.

Those fish steaks look divine, so fresh ready for the pan, something I do miss is most of our fresh fish directly from the sea has disappeared, one really need to know fishermen who go out and buy directly.


That's true....bagmrgaining with these vendors is require lot of skill and fun....if you know the market then u can get a better deal...else it won't take much to get a big hole in the pocket....

We dont have those sea water fish...have so manybtributory rivers we enjoy only these fresh water....except in case of coastal region

Fish without too many bones, or must peel back neatly make the bigger fish easier to eat, it is all about the taste too.

We do have both sea and river on offer, prefer sea fish normally except trout which is always a treat.

That is trick here too...even here we try to get hold on the bigger piece to avoid the spiky makes kids to eat too....smaller one fish is difficult to est...I usually avoid ...except case of prawns..

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I can go everywhere except for the fish market, I can't digest the smell of fishes... :( I also don't eat many fishes I mean I am choosey. I can digest little smell of fish but Nah can't go to the fish market... I will be senseless...

Hahaha..that is true or Mutton or chicken shop it's pretty hard to stand for late..the stingy smell just enough to make you uncomfortable pious...same with much habitual with these stuff unless we have a experienced hand sideways.

The fish market always pissed me off honestly speaking...

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Oh, this is such a stale answer!!! Can you believe that? Hehe! I felt bad, especially because your post was so fresh! We have the same illegal sellers here, but, not to the extent you do. Boy, do they run when they see the law coming. Without the proper permit?

The one vendor is so awesome, multitasking at its best! I love it and I have to agree with the larger fish and their bones. The tiny little bones are chokers, especially for little kids. My grandmother swallowed a bone and had to have it surgically removed. Location of it...

Freshwater trout I love, but, if I have to have a choice, usually I will take the saltwater fish. I think probably because I grew up on the ocean A truly wonderful look at your fish walk. :)Thank you for providing different elements to the cultural exchange we provide here. I can say that so many people are now enjoying not only the markets and places visited, but the different cultures than their own, showing off how we are so different, but, also, showing how many things we have in common. I appreciate the love and support you give to #MarketFriday! I feel like we are getting a core group that enjoys sharing their life and the different ways of life, which is great! I absolutely love it! It warms my heart to see that you chose to be a part of this challenge. It is people such as yourself that make is so successful! Thank you! Truly! Your participation adds a unique flavor to the mix. I just love clicking on the link and having a new world open up, right before my very eyes! Thank you again for being a part of all this! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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Loll...seems we both love the stale things....😉
Yes those prickly bones only spoil the taste of food...I didt swallowed one and have to get it out with my took me 10 hrs of pain and disturbance.

Oh!! That sounds dreadful. Usually, a piece of bread will take it down without a problem. But, of course, that depends on where it is. Glad you got it and don't do that again!!


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