Suriname vs Jamaica 🌶️ Hot Sauce Battle 🔥

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Rashida's vs. Grace's

Capsaicin 🌶️ is a vital part of our diet, and Suriname prefers to consume this via fiery hot sauce.

🧯 A Curious Case of Capsaicin 🌶️

     Capsaicin is an alkaloid naturally occurring within Capsicum plants ⁽¹⁾. To get our daily dose of this miracle drug, we generally consume chili peppers fresh in Cambodia, our former home. Here in Suriname, however, and the wider Caribbean, hot sauce is the preferred capsaicin delivery vehicle.

     Even though as Italists we feel fresh is best, we've been experimenting with hot sauces to see if the Cambodian portion of the Khmerican Family Abroad can find one they like. We eat chilies daily for all the wonderful benefits capsaicin provides. It has been proven effective for pain relief, migraine relief, cough suppression, younger-looking skin, general inflammation suppression and more ⁽¹⁾.

Srey Yuu demonstrating (@KidSisters) traditional Cambodian chili ingestation methodology

⚔️ The SU-JA Capsaicin War 💣

mild, tall and slender

Grace's - A Jamaican Staple

     If you're Jamaican and haven't heard of Grace's Hot Pepper Sauce, you've been living a box. This stuff is exported all over the world, and I've even seen it on Cambodian shelves in Phnom Penh.

     Think classic Tabasco if you want to know the flavor profile of Grace's Hot Pepper Sauce. I would argue it's less vinegary than Tabasco Sauce, but overall a very similar product.


a simple natural ingredient list

👨‍⚖️ The Verdict ⚖️

     It's good stuff, and the only hot sauce available in Suriname that my family can eat without breaking a sweat and bursting into tears. It's mild, don't fear Grace's Hot Pepper Sauce.

short and stout and full of 🔥

Rashida's - Homemade Suriname Style

     Rashida's All Naturel Hot Sauce is artisan-style, fire-hot and made at Rashida's house. The Madame Jeanette Pepper is what makes Suriname hot sauces so dangerous!!

     Suriname has around 500,000 citizens, so there just isn't an economy of scale like Jamaica has. In addition, there is no tourism here, so most people make and bottle products at home, and then arrange a sales deal with local neighborhood shops.


pepper, vinegar, salt & naturally made

👨‍⚖️ The Verdict ⚖️

     Fire 🔥🚒!! Be careful with Suriname hot sauces; they are not for all. You have to put a bit on a spoon and then put that on your food, or you may be uber-devastated ☠️!

🏁 Conclusion of the Curious Capsaicin Competition 🏆

🏆 Suriname Takes the Gold 🥇

     Me personally, I love a bit of fire on my meals, so the Grace's Hot Pepper Sauce just doesn't cut it for me. Don't be fooled by the "VERY HOT" words written on the front of the bottle. You can grab the bottle, pop the top and turn it upside down over your food without fear.

     Rashida's All Naturel Hot Sauce has so much character that there is even a misspell on the label. I love that Suriname is full of locally made products sold in the corner shops. In Jamaica, you have the same ole' products behind iron bars on every corner throughout the country.

     I hope my Jamaican friends don't hate on me for dissin' Grace's, but you'll never know which is "Queen of the Hot Sauces" until you've tried both. Suriname hot sauces have character, and each one is a little different, showing the personality of the maker in the product.

     As long as you don't do something stupid like turn them upside down over your food and shake, you can safely enjoy Suriname-style hot sauces without trips to a local hospital.

actual person that turned a bottle upside down for doseage ⁽²⁾

     It doesn't take much on the tip of a spoon to get your daily dose of capsaicin from Rashida's All Naturel Hot Pepper Sauce. Unfortunately, you'll likely never taste fresh Suriname hot sauces until you come to Suriname in person.

¹ US National Library of Medicine - Unraveling the Mystery of Capsaicin
² Spicy Reaction


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Very hot 🥵 I like little bits spicy bong.

នេះគឺជា bong អូន!!

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Look like it very spicy 🥵 I like spicy but not hot. When I eat something spicy it make me cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢 and 🥵🥵🥵.

One day you will appreciate it. This is you in 5 years....

I think Suriname 🇸🇷 sauce is spicy.

I’m not a pepper man but done scotch bonnet pepper now and then does the trick. Yeah that grace is week. And for real I wish more Jamaicans made homemade items like this. There are a few, but not many. A lot of grace products not even made in Jamaica anymore. That gif at the end 😂

I was two seconds away from posting when I decided to throw the gif in. I feel a bit of humor is needed in all things, and there just wasn't enough in this one. A bit of science, ital info and a laugh is a good combo. Jamaica's got the Scotch Bonnet and Suriname has the Madame Jeanette pepper, both very similar.

Nice idea :)
I know the Grace Hot Pepper from Jamaica, and it's more or less how you described it.
But also in Jamrock, there are small more local production, that got "fire" in their hot
peppa sauce. I remember also a yellow hot peppa sauce, that just "killed it"...
Only the glass bottle from grace wins compared to the plastic bottle from Suriname ;)

Too true about the bottle. I guess it's another thing that speaks of the economy of scale. I would assume Jamaica has multiple bottle factories, whereas I'm not even sure if Suriname is making any glass bottles of its own.

I guess there are ups and downs with economies of scale. Jamaica does have some good handmade sauces, but not yet commonly available in corner shops throughout the country.

I'd take Rashida's just for the name and misspelling on the label if nothing else ;) I'm more of a dried red chili man over here in Thailand. Sure you know that one. Sometimes the green chili hiding in the green veggies in the restaurant can get you here and bring tears to your eyes. I actually get hiccups from too much chili for some strange reason. I'm not much of a sauce guy but I know Siracha is quite famous. I suppose its not too hot compared to those two. Apparently the Portuguese traders brought chilies over to Asia from Brazil or at least to Thailand.

Rashida's is hands-down more delicious and fresher tasting. I know all too well about hidden green chilies in food. There is a Thai restaurant in the USA I visit when I return home, and they always ask how spicy I want my food, a question I'm not used to being asked in SE Asia.

My answer is always "Instant hiccup please."

Ah nice to hear I'm not the only hiccup sufferer out there. I can enjoy spicy just not secret chillies. Problem is that once you taste it, too late to do anything about it.