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What do you call the kid of a Jamaican and an Italian? A Pastafarian. Ba-dum-tss.. But enough dad jokes. Today I traveled from my bedroom to the kitchen and then straight to Italy where I decided to make some pasta with a mushroom, olive and beef tomato sauce.


Penne Pasta with mushroom, black olives and minced beef tomato sauce

As we have a nationwide full lockdown in the weekends, I just have to scout some ingredients and this pasta dish seemed to fit the profile of available ingredients. Nice to mention that all the herbs used were freshly picked from the vegetable garden. Also helps that my significant other loves Italian food, so she was pleased.


What do you need?

Tomato Sauce
peeled tomatoespasta
sliced mushroomscheese
oregano (dried/fresh)
basil (dried/fresh)
parsley (dried/fresh)
minced beef
chopped garlic
chopped bell peppers
sliced black olives
black pepper

As always apply amounts with "feeling". 🙃



Start of with heating up some olive oil. And while it is heating up on low heat throw in your garlic. Let the garlic brown a bit on low heat. Then increase the heat and add the mushrooms and minced beef separated in the pot. Cook until mushrooms are a bit brown and meat is done. Next add the olives and bell pepper, closely followed by the tomatoes. Decrease heat to low and let it simmer.


Cooking the pasta is simple. Just add the pasta, some salt and a little bit of olive oil to a pot of boiling water. And check until soft. I prefer mine cooked 'Al Dente' which is best described as 'almost soft, but not quite'. Mine is store bought, but if you have the time and can make your own pasta, even better!
Like the amateur I am, I forgot to take a before picture of my ingredients on the counter, as you can see.

Serve the pasta with the sauce and grated cheese of your choice on top and enjoy! 😁


How was your Sunday?


This was part of the Dash Out Sunday contest hosted by @dmilliz in the ReggaeJAHM Community.

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Interestingly my wife made almost the same thing yesterday, but chicken instead of beef. No olives or bell peppers though.She loves olives, I must tell her to try it in the pasta next time . Good dash out bro, and I like the humour you bring in your posts😂

Cool! My general rule of thumb is that if it looks, sounds or tastes Italian, you can throw it in the sauce.

Glad you like the jokes. I try to put the way I think and speak into my writing, without overthinking the words.