September Australia Eat & Drink in Melbourne

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September Australia  Eat & Drink in Melbourne

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The last city of your trip to Australia

Melbourne Arrivals

I'm wearing short-sleeved pants and getting off the plane

I breathed

In a short moment waiting for a taxi

Freezing line

next day

Buy padding

Melbourne Pasta's No. 1 Restaurant

Two days before coming to Australia

I went to Jeju Witzen

Dear Chef, Working in Melbourne

I got recommendations for restaurants

Thanks to you, it saves you trouble searching for restaurants.

The last city was comfortable

I couldn't go to the place I was going to go to on the last day


All the places I went were good

It's a famous place, and the coffee taste is unique.

I was eating

When it's all done, the staff come and take a deep breath

I stood at our table as if making a great announcement.

I went wrong with herbal tea

I'm so sorry, I'm serving the coffee I originally ordered.

This is a peculiar coffee.

I see a decent brewery passing by

Stop by

Do you pay about 12,000 won per glass

It looks like a neighborhood with expensive beer prices

A cold city trip

I'm sick

I was able to walk around in the sunshine

Again and again

I watched this store at a low price

A restaurant with a lot of people

Or go into a restaurant that feels good

The fun of eating one or two and running around


Bukchang-dong, a place full of people

I was curious

It's when our ship was full, so pass

Tourism is just like this library

Focus on eating and drinking

Still, the city of three days has passed

This is a unique can lid

I think I've had a lot of beer in and out

The cans that open like this are the first time

It's neat, but if you adjust the angle incorrectly

Beer flows out of the throat

Ah, the Powerball also won

You can get it in Sydney from Sydney.

That states have slightly different policies

The validity period of the prize is 6 months.

Is Sydney in it again?

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