My Top 3 Ice Cream Flavours

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In these trying times, while everyone both US and Non-US focus on a race between two old guy boomers chasing to be the chief puppet officer of the world in this arbitrary system we call democracy, I think its only fitting not to take things seriously these days.

This month is all about Ice cream, and since its getting hot as balls here in South Africa I am sure I'll be having tubs of it regularly so which flavours will I be chasing.

I think I'll need to set aside an ice cream budget for when I am not buying Bitcoin :P since my fiat is melting faster and faster.

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This is my entry into this month’s Top 3 contest.

My Favourite Ice Cream Flavours

My Nominations are:

Nomination Number One

Tin Roof

Always important to start off with the basics and in South Africa woollies dominates the basic ice cream game with Tin roof, it's in plenty of households, don't ask me why it's not even that great. It's just vanilla ice cream with a few nuts and a dash of chocolate sauce, it won't blow you away, but it sure doesn't disappoint.

I think its the big mac of ice cream here lol so perhaps just out of habit, but I had to rank this one as a favourite.

Tin Roof

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Nomination Number Two


When it comes to choosing a flavour; however, I will always opt for Mint, it's always so refreshing the cold and the tingle of the mint always gets me giddy. You don't often get mint everywhere, so I do savour it when I do get it. I don't mind plan mint or if it's mixed with chocolate, doesn't have me too much, either way, hands down my favourite flavour.

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Nomination Number Three

Pistachio Icecream

I don't often find pistachio ice cream but by gosh when I do its always been a spectacular experience. What is weird to me is that I am not even a big fan of Pistachio, but the ice cream has always been an epic experience for me. Gosh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it, will have to go on a mission to find some.


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Ahh, nice ones! Really what isn't to like about this topic? There's a few flavors for everyone. Whether you go classic, rich, nutty, or fruity, we're spoilt for choice this round. I do love a good mint flavor, though I think I prefer it sans chocolate if I can ever find it. I think during the holidays they do peppermint flavors here, but even then it might have candy canes mixed in perhaps. Ah well, I'd much rather choose ice cream flavors than go back to the polls again. Thanks for the opening line to make me laugh. I might just wallow in my own pint...or gallon...of ice cream if I had one for the stress of the crazy show that is US politics.

I can't imagine anyone could be mad or take issue with this topic, seriously if you an ice cream hater I don't think there is much hope for you and you should just go live in Antarctica or Mars lol come on we can all agree ice cream is awesome.

I know right, like there's so many ways to have it, with alcohol too if you're so inclined and everyone's got their own take on it, its really endless.

Did you vote like a pilgrim and do it manually or did you mail-in and trust that it eventually gets there? Its so close I can imagine how divided the country must be but looking at the data all suburbs and high dense areas with blue-white workers are blue and the rural or blue colour are red, seems like the country is feeling the effects of growing classism. It's interesting to watch far better than our micky mouse elections.

Either way, you'll need to hurry your shit up and put some old man in so you can start printing money, the world needs dollars, according to an article 103 trillion to be exact, so I think whoever wins is going to come out with a mega-money plan

Oh man, I didn't even think of all the ones I've heard of lately filled with booze! 🤣

We kicked it old school, walked on our own two feet down to the polls. Really no excuse since our polling place is less than half a mile from the house. Good way to temporarily relieve the stress of even thinking about how this is all going to shake out anyway with a little outdoor activity. Actually since so many people voted early or did mail in we didn't even have to wait in line. In and out in less time than it would take for ice cream to start to melt.

Lol and then there’s still the frozen yogi and the sorbet and you know your boy can tuck into that just as good, African summer is all about trying to keep from overheating

Nice, excercising your rights, pun intended! I am surprised they haven’t been able to jusy do it in your smart phone by now and save the trees! I mean you already tracking all of us surly you can get that right

Lol our fiat is melting away in to BTC so that's one ice cream I can happily add to the list - Satscream 😃

Ah man they got rid of Woolies here in the UK back when the credit crisis hit in 2008 but probably a different variant - I don't remember there being ice cream there but that looks like your standard issue ice cream fit for all occasions, proper work horse ice cream!

That's quite rare you see just mint on its own, I normally just see it with mint chocolate chip but it's pretty refreshing when your nasal passage gets slapped with a hit of mint goodness!

I never thought nuts and ice cream mixed too well. Tried some that had almonds in but didn't sit well with me the nutty combo.

Anyway, you're probably gonna have to do a few more steps after you've slid into a few tubs of those ice creams!

Hmmm Sound satasty sign me up for a tub.

You guys no longer have woolies? Lol strange I thought it would do well there its every white person in South Africa's favourite shop, even when I walk in there I have to clean up my accent lol. You guys still have Nandos though and that's all the South Africa you'll ever need.

LOL tin roof is such a work horse its the kinda ice cream you buy when you like I don't want to buy something where people have issues or wont like it and vanilla is just too bland, its jus the right amount of toppings to pass for interesting enough.

Thats true, like here I often see the mint/vanilla, or mint/choco, but when i do get a mint on its own ah its glorious.

Marks and Spencers in the UK is the Woolworths and why if you look in the freezers in Woolies here there is M and S stuff. Woolworths was a crappy shop that is not like Woolworths here. Same name but different concept and was shut down.

Thanks for clearing that up, what about woolies aussie? I noticed it had a different logo I only came across it because I did a marketing pitch for woolies a few years ago

I think the Aussie one is the same as ours here.

Pistachio is my favourite and walnut. And mint. I love eating ice cream and mostly in the winter lol

LOL why in winter? Are Romanian winters mild? Is their any desserts with ice cream that are specific to your part of the world?

In the last years winters have been quite mild indeed. I got this habit in Norway, where I studied for a while. Living there was expensive and I had a sweet tooth back then. Ice cream was the cheapest desert I could afford. So I started to eat ice cream in the norwegian winters and continued to do so in Romania🇷🇴😂

Romanians are not very crazy about ice cream actually, we mostly enjoy gelato, the italian ice cream.

Romanian deserts are more heavy, with a lot of sugar, butter, milk, sour cream etc. Carbs carbs carbs lol

I will have to pick 3 based on different criteria, because I'm I have a hard time with ranking things.
Favourite for nostalgia reasons: Tiger Tail. This was my go to in my childhood at the ice cream parlour in my neighborhood.

Current Fave: Goat Milk Salted Caramel from Calgary Alberta maker Made By Marcus

The old standby: Fudge Ripple

I do enjoy a good salted caramel but we don’t her it very often never had an ice cream version of it lol! In going to have to google these and then cry myself to sleep damn you Canadians and your snack game being so much better than ours

Love my ice cream and a little pissed off the tub is now 1.8L and not 2L.
Tin Roof is my top choice followed by the chocolate King Cone which is still R10 each. Last choice will be the Almond Magnum by Ola which is Walls everywhere else. I love the Solero but cannot find it here anymore so only have that when I travel overseas.

LOL I haven’t had a king cone in ages I am so going to buy one this weekend to see if it still tastes the way I remember in my childhood

I do like the almond and the mint magnum

Get the chocolate ice cream king cone as they are better than the original one.

Not King Cone but Cornetto chocolate.

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I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream