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RE: My Top 3 Ice Cream Flavours

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Lol our fiat is melting away in to BTC so that's one ice cream I can happily add to the list - Satscream 😃

Ah man they got rid of Woolies here in the UK back when the credit crisis hit in 2008 but probably a different variant - I don't remember there being ice cream there but that looks like your standard issue ice cream fit for all occasions, proper work horse ice cream!

That's quite rare you see just mint on its own, I normally just see it with mint chocolate chip but it's pretty refreshing when your nasal passage gets slapped with a hit of mint goodness!

I never thought nuts and ice cream mixed too well. Tried some that had almonds in but didn't sit well with me the nutty combo.

Anyway, you're probably gonna have to do a few more steps after you've slid into a few tubs of those ice creams!


Hmmm Sound satasty sign me up for a tub.

You guys no longer have woolies? Lol strange I thought it would do well there its every white person in South Africa's favourite shop, even when I walk in there I have to clean up my accent lol. You guys still have Nandos though and that's all the South Africa you'll ever need.

LOL tin roof is such a work horse its the kinda ice cream you buy when you like I don't want to buy something where people have issues or wont like it and vanilla is just too bland, its jus the right amount of toppings to pass for interesting enough.

Thats true, like here I often see the mint/vanilla, or mint/choco, but when i do get a mint on its own ah its glorious.

Marks and Spencers in the UK is the Woolworths and why if you look in the freezers in Woolies here there is M and S stuff. Woolworths was a crappy shop that is not like Woolworths here. Same name but different concept and was shut down.

Thanks for clearing that up, what about woolies aussie? I noticed it had a different logo I only came across it because I did a marketing pitch for woolies a few years ago

I think the Aussie one is the same as ours here.