Make Chicken Opor Dishes Without Coconut milk

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The majority of chicken dishes have been eaten, because chicken is easy to cook and chicken is easily sold in markets or can be found in chicken farms.


Each Country has its own way of processing chicken dishes with their own on flavore.


Chicken can be cooked in various types of dishes, some are fried, some are made of chicken soup.


This time I will make chicken opor without coconut milk, cooking opor in Indonesia has be come commonplace.


There is opor with coconut milk or without coconut milk, or other names for opor is Chicken curry.


Then how to make chicken opor as flollous, after chopping the chicken, soak itbin lime juice, let is stand for twenty minutes then wash the chicken clean.


The next step is chicken that has been washed, then boiled, while waiting for the chicken to boil. Prepare the spices to make mashed opor.


Such as garlic, pepper, coriander, turmeric, ginger. Unmixed spices such as bay leaves, lime leaves, lemongrats, salt and sugar.


Chicken meat that is boiled half cooked enough, then removed. The next step is the spices that have been mashed and then fried or sauteed, wait until the smell good.


Then give water with the input of lemongrats, laja, lime, leaves, bay leaves, salt and sugar. Then add the chicken, wait until it's cooked and try the taste. Make the chicken opor finished and ready to serve.