Cook It With Oredebby😍 (Week 4) - CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT/WINNER!!!

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Tadaaaaa😍💃💃🎉🎉 Helloooo beautiful hivians. Hope you all are doing great today. Its me your sugar lovey dovey and I'm back with my beautiful contest tagged "COOK IT with @oredebby." Its been four weeks and Here is the announcement post incase you missed it.

Graphics by me

This contest is all about food 🥗 and its very simple as I will post a picture of a particular food, sometimes it might be cooked by me and sometimes i'll post food pictures from the internet and all you have to do is COOK IT! Yes, you are to cook the exact food I post and serve it to look exactly or almost exactly like I post mine.

For last week... This was the food posted to be made: Fried Plantain and Fried Egg

images (88).jpeg

Our winner is @drishtisachdeva 👏


Thanks so much for participating. Your entry has been upvoted by @project.hope and 1 hive has been sent to your wallet from me. To enjoy more of this, keep participating.

For this week... Cook this😍😍

images (14).jpeg


  1. Cook and Dish the above food as it is.
  2. Post your entry as a comment under this post and tell us the name of the food and how you cooked it .
  3. Neatness, Beauty and Attention to details is key.
  4. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE (It will be checked).
  5. Contest Post will be up every SATURDAY and will run for five (5) days which means it will close on Wednesdays by 9:00pm CAT. (This is to give us time to get the best entries and upvote them).
  6. Upvoting and Rehiving this post is NOT compulsory BUT important for a wider coverage.

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.


Top 3 best will be getting a token of 1 hive each from me. This may increase as I am hoping for more support for this project.😋

I say a big thank you to @crypto.piotr for his support so far and I also call on @theycallmedan @sgt-dan @kpine @done @digital.mine @bleepcoin @broncnutz @chekohler @cryptoctopus @c0ff33a @pdq @fun2learn @surpassinggoogle @payroll @nikeyhavey @qurator @curangel @bdvoter @russia-btc @ervin-lemark @abitcoinskeptic @derangedvisions @mahdiyari @jphamer1 @acidyo @trafalgar @muhammadsabil @cervantes @jerrybanfield @adsactly to mention a few to please support this project in anyway you can and i'll be very much grateful.

I'm expecting your entries... Let's have fun again😍🕺💃

You can chat me up on discord _ Oredebby #9758


Thanks so much for reading...
Till I come your way next time...
I remain your sugar lovey dovey @oredebby


Keep up the good work @oredebby ! When will you restaurant open up?

Your exchange has been completed.

Smiles. Thanks so much @pdq

Restaurant will open in due time by God.😄

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This is real good @oredebby. I love this contest. I am in for it. My entry will come in by monday.

Expecting your entry dear.

Nice one dear expect my entry next week love you .

Thank you. Expecting it...

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Nice initiative. Really cool

If I was a cook aswear I will rush into this 😂😅😅.

It doesn't take anything to be a cook @starstrings01. Just go to the market, get the necessary stuffs and cook the food. If it means you mixing everything together once, just cook the food.

Lol in this Corona session. If I cook rubbish, e go pain me gan 😂😂😂😂.

You dont have to be a cook to cook... Just do it😉

Thanks 😂🤗🤗

This is my entry

Nigeria semovita for swallow, Ewedu soap and meat stew and fish.


For the stew
Red palm oil
Salt and maggi

Thanks for the contest @oredebby

Thanks for your entry

@motun this is ewedu and white amala ni.
I reserve my comment shaaaaa.

Hmmmmmmm.. Looking yummy yum

Welcome. Please post your entry as a comment and not a post. Thanks.

I have done that @oredebby.

You have not ma. Post the picture and not the link to your post

@oredebby. I think i have finally done that. Sorry for the stress.

Please read the post well and follow the rules. Thanks.

I have done that @oredebby. Sorry for the stress.