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Popsicles on a sunny day. I wanted to bring out the vibes of fun with ice cream of various flavors. So I went to my neighbor's little shop and bought 3 Popsicles.

I bought Popsicles with mango, blueberry, and corn flavors. Before I enjoyed Popsicles, of course, I wanted to do food photography.


These popsicles are too beautiful not to be photographed. Incidentally, I have some fruit to complete the food photography this time.

In this video, I will share the process of photographing Popsicles. Hope you guys enjoy it!


I did a photoshoot on the terrace of the house with good natural light. I try to maximize the materials I have.

Since I don't have blueberries, I added blue pea flowers to add contrast to the colors.


The colors that are too flashy are yellow and gold. Luckily, blue pea flowers can balance these colors.

Mango Popsicle

I like the results from Mango Popsicle the most. The pattern in the center of the Popsicle provides nice color contrast.





Blueberry Popsicle

My second favorite photography after Mango Popsicle. But I didn't expect the color to weaken when combined with other materials. Maybe it would have been great if I had fresh blueberry fruit properties.




Corn Popsicle

Have you ever tasted Corn Popsicle? It seems to be my favorite. But unfortunately for shooting results, I don't like this Popsicle variant.





How about you guys? Which Popsicle variant do you like the most from the results of this photography?




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  • Music: Chill by LiQWYD Via Inshot Apps

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Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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We have an expression in the USA that says "do not play with your food" but in your case we give you special permission and encouragement to do so, especially if you promise to take photographs of your colorful, delicious creations! @anggreklestari😀

The mango model popsicle's photo shoot is my favorite as well. And no, I've never had a corn popsicle though I think it must taste similar to candy corn!🌽

Hope you're doing well, Anggrek! Hugs!💓

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Your popsicles arrangement so stunning @anggreklestari with fruits and flowers setting up. I never tasted corn flavors popsicle yet but other both once already tasted. Always your video presentations looking so beautiful.

Corn flavor is also smelled good. You have to give it try if you can find it :)

Thanks for watching!

It's a beautiful arrangement, i love the way the oranges and the watermelons are nicely placed, plus the background arrangement is naturally beautiful. The flowers on the background are quite great too.

Thanks bro! The flowers made the results are awesome for sure :)

Seger baats

yuhu segaaaaaaar. langsung abis sm ponakan

Selalu ketinggalan angkot🤣

very fress watermelon with ice,yummy

Thanks :)

Beautiful! Popsicle reminds me of our daughters. They love popsicles. They even make their own with the available ingredients and materials we have in our kitchen.

Yeep, so easy to make popsicles, instead of ice cream. :)

Mba kenapa gak yg semangkanya juga 🤤

Rasanya tiggal tiga itu ehehhe

I like the colors in the image. Those popsicles look appealing too 😋

Thanks :)

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Colours colours and more colours tasty and beautiful now I just want that but I don't know I will never find that yes I can make them at my home wow that looks so beautiful

Whoa, good work!
Di balik foto yang aestetik ada effort yang begitu tinggi ya, bund...

So beautiful