My dogs love bacon


They do anything for food


I made a bacon egg and cheese sandwich earlier today and my dogs love when I start cooking bacon because it is one of their favorite treats. It is usually pretty tough to get shots like this of Titus because he doesn't really like sitting still to get his picture taken. But if there is bacon involved, he will sit like a statue and wait patiently for his treat.


Harley is a fan of any food and will be good if he knows he is going to get any sort of treat. So they sat by the stove while I was cooking the bacon for my sandwich.


I like my bacon nice and crispy. I really don't like eating the soggy/floppy bacon, so I make sure to crisp it up nicely.


Then I cook up my eggs in the leftover bacon grease to give it some extra flavor and make it SUPER healthy for me. You only live once, might as well enjoy as much food as you can.


This nose here can smell snacks from a few miles away. He just loves to eat.


Now that the bacon is ready, Titus is super excited. Just look at that smile. What are your dog's favorite treats?


What a awesome photos, u are giantly talented. To be honest the first photo scared me a bit, maybe because it reminded me of a creepypasta I read some time ago, ''smiley dog'' was the name 😂 But your dogs are wonderful, though the first one has such a piercing gaze, especially in the black background with his blue, sparkling eyes, you feel he is looking through your soul.

Can you imagine all this photos with a horror story? 🙀
Then you watch the photo of their noses and it makes you want to be there and kiss their pretty little noses 🤣
Anyways, wonderful photos!

Thank you. That is one freaky looking dog. Mine is way cooler than that monster.

Oh it definately yours is much cuter, it just remind me of it because of the background 😂

Doggos! I mean, who doesn't love bacon?

Bacon is basically meat candy


Damn, I didn't have time to have breakfast today, in the photos with bacon, my face became the same as your dogs'.

Better go and get yourself some bacon then.


Damn these details i like the editing too you bring back the colours to life first picture is my favourite look at this deep look and the blue eyes the darken background gives it a magic cool headshots as always

Thanks man. I really like the way that first photo turned out too.

Those pics are fricken funny!! And that bacon looks fancy AF in HD lol

Lol. Thanks man. I'm just glad the bacon grease didn't pop all over on my lens.

Yea man, you were up close and personal with that shiit!! Haha

These are great shots! I'd be afraid to get so close to that sizzling bacon grease. Nicely done.
Thank you for sharing!