A Late Night Snack

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Thin Mint GSC x Grape Pie

Grown By 1LYFE

Don't panic, it's organic!

An absolutely amazing flower!

I do not often go to the dispensary. When I do go, I am there to get the best flower that they have in the store. This Lava Cake stood out among all the flowers that I had to choose from. It did not disappoint! A great night time smoke, preferably about 1 hour before bed. A few tokes of this has your body feeling heavy, and relaxed. Everything that was on your mind prior evaporates as soon as you blow out your 3rd or 4th hit. A taste of chocolate and grapes lingers up until you brush your teeth. What I love the most about this strain, is all of the effects it gives you, I do not think I ever had such a great flower like this, not only does it help you get to sleep, it is so perfect for getting a 30 min read in before you hit the switch, and start counting sheep. 9/10


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26% lol bed time

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