Is it time for a food competition to pass the time?

in hive-196037 •  13 days ago 

Seeing as most of us are not leaving are home any time soon. What about starting up a weekly food competition to make it a little less boring? I am sure we have over bought food and this would be an ideal to time to share our creative skills with one another. Please drop a comment below indicating if you would be interested in such a contest? I am willing to put around 10 Steem for the weekly food contest for the winner and upvotes to the participants.

I know I am already bored, I am sure I am not alone, so lets get together and make it interesting.

Don't forget to comment with your thoughts.

Wash your hands,


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Hey @intrepidsurfer, sounds like a great idea!

Thanks for the positive input. I will start the contest tomorrow :)

You want to run a contest! Awesome! Fantastic Idea! Get'er going and we'll put up 5,000 FOODIE to the prize pool! EACH WEEK! We'll help promote it too!

Sweet, that is amazing of you to put up 5000 FOODIE. I am assume you are run by @jasonbu? If so, do you have a discord link.

YES, 😀 Jasonbu#7143 feel free to ping me.

Did you say Foodie? Foodie is in town!

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