A princess picked our salad today :)

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I hadn't thought to repost the steem version of my Appics posts here. But why not? Wouldn't want you to miss out ;)


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Aww...she is so adorable....Love and Hugs

Love & hugs back! And a big kiss from Luna ;)

Very cute! And in the end, what was in the salad?

Recently the salads have been amazing and the list is long!

In the bucket on this occasion were a few lettuces, onion leaves & collection of rocket.

No more spinach now but there are so many different herbs coming and different varieties of lettuce. I think we are about ten days from our first ripe tomatoes, while the cucumbers are yet to flower ;)

Fruit season is in full swing now. Picked these apricots before sunrise a few hours ago!

Photo on 14062020 at 06.56.jpg

Wow, what an abundance!

She's the most beautiful Earth Princess!!!

Your family pics in the garden always bring a smile to my face as I also have a babyboy who I wish to raise with a deep connection and love for Nature. 💛

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I am sure you are a great guide for your boy and his connection will be strong.

It has been noted that the more time we spend in the garden (around 4 months now) the more Esteban & Luna want to be involved. Esteban particularly is getting very into the idea of making meals for us. My dinner yesterday was a carrot & honey sandwich! Not gonna say it tasted amazing but I love that he made it :)