New dreams of organic food independence: 4 simple steps!

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Fortune smiled on us a month ago because we were gifted an amazing upgrade to our already quite decent allotment. There are just ten terraced allotments on the outskirts of our village, hidden amongst the trees and while one might imagine the 300 people who live here to be lining up to get their hands on them, this is not the case.

Screen Shot 20190812 at 20.36.22.jpg

There are many elderly who over time simply stop using their allotments and there are also many people who only visit once a year and rent their homes out as a B&B, so they don't care about growing vegetables.

Us on the other hand, we care deeply!

And this my friends is our new natural medicine playground.

Screen Shot 20200209 at 11.27.08.jpg

Two days ago we went to our local reservoir and collected a bunch of drift wood to kick off the project and as you can see, Esteban & Luna worked very hard to help us ;)

Screen Shot 20200209 at 20.38.28.png

The driftwood doesn't normally settle here in such quantity, but was conveniently washed up for us last week when we had torrential rains.

It felt a little bit apocalyptic if I'm gonna be honest!

Screen Shot 20200210 at 07.33.17.jpg

Regardless, we were very grateful for its timely appearance and noted that after a week of drying out in the sun, it was the perfect weight to carry. Thanks Universe!

Step 1: make boarders

The drift wood was used to mark the boarders of our beds. It is very important to have clearly marked, decent sized walkways between the grow zones as I am going to be strict about no one walking on the beds themselves, once they are done.

Screen Shot 20200209 at 11.42.09.jpg

Step 2: prepare soil

This tool is used for aerating the soil without disturbing it too much. The weeds came up easily once it was done.

Screen Shot 20200209 at 11.39.40.jpg

We didn't have the heart to kill the irises in the middle of this bed, so there they will stay.

Screen Shot 20200209 at 18.35.33.jpg

Very much looking forward to seeing them bloom along with these other flowers here.

Screen Shot 20200210 at 07.20.12.jpg

We had a compost box on our previous allotment, so emptied out the good stuff at the bottom to mix it in with our finished beds.

Screen Shot 20200210 at 05.58.03.png

Thankfully the old allotment is just a 1min walk to our new one, along the canal.

Screen Shot 20200210 at 06.39.50.jpg

Step 4: plant food

Once two beds were prepared, Esteban & Luna blessed the soil.
Screen Shot 20200209 at 11.38.25.jpg

And then the planting began!

You can see some beans on the right there and on the opposite side we planted peas.

Screen Shot 20200209 at 18.32.04.jpg

In between them went a row of spinach.

Screen Shot 20200209 at 18.31.01.jpg

The soil is still damp from the extraordinary amount of rain we had recently and we are expecting more in a few days so we didn't bother watering.

Step 4: make sure the kids are happy!

Esteban & I did some measuring to check if a 2.5M trampoline will fit in this space...

Screen Shot 20200210 at 05.40.54.png

And it does! Which means the kids can bounce here under the cherry trees with a mountain view when they get bored helping us out.

Screen Shot 20200209 at 18.29.54.jpg

For now they are content with their little table & chairs.

Screen Shot 20200210 at 05.39.16.png

Politely permitting us to do our thing :)

Screen Shot 20200210 at 07.19.44.jpg

We even have a cute little garden shed, hidden under the ivy. People tell me tools do go missing if you don't lock them up. So, here is our solution.

Screen Shot 20200209 at 11.42.50.jpg

In truth we don't own any tools yet and are currently borrowing them from our new allotment neighbour & friend who is an amazing spiritual lady, keen to teach us everything she knows about how to grow here. How perfect is that?

This is what her side looks like. Clearly she knows what she is doing!

Screen Shot 20200210 at 07.19.12.jpg

All in all I am super excited about this mission and really feel as if we are being looked after by some kind of guardian angel who continually guides us towards the manifestation of my desires in a way which always outshines the original vision.

In this case it is organic food production set in a dreamy garden playground!

Screen Shot 20200209 at 11.40.28.jpg

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He is travelling with his partner & two children and with no bank account he has been living on crypto for over two years.

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Thank you!

Looking good.

Love the use of the driftwood.

I'm feeling my muscles today after all that log moving and soil prep.

Feels goooood :)

A long soak in a hot bath after a long day in a bountiful garden. Does wonders.

Appreciate the tip! Normally it is a very fast bath in luke warm, dirty water after the rest are done ;)

Luckily my children are all grown up now, so I live the life of luxury with the bath.

That is a beautiful garden location. Lucky to have a kind mentor nearby willing to encourage you with her experience and knowledge.

The mentoring is total gold. We were a bit lost doing it on our own last year.

Better still she speaks english, so there is no confusion for me ;)

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