What are Microwaves?

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Before we can really get into what microwaves are doing to the food which in turn affects the people who consume the food, we should look at what microwaves are and what microwaves are not.

What is a microwave?

A microwave oven (commonly referred to as a microwave) is an electric oven that heats and cooks food by exposing it to electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range.1

Electromagnetic Radiation

Should we expose our food to radiation? What does radiation do to food and to humans? According to Wikipedia: a microwave "cooks food by exposing it to electromagnetic radiation." Is radiation a good thing or a bad thing? These are some of the questions I want to try to answer in this article here, that is before we can get into how microwaves changes food molecules which are like the building blocks for our bodies.

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Beam Me Up Microwave Scotty

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Cavity magnetron

The cavity magnetron is a high-powered vacuum tube that generates microwaves using the interaction of a stream of electrons with a magnetic field while moving past a series of open metal cavities (cavity resonators).2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Missing a Wall

Microwaves don't have metal walls on the door as you can see into it.

Fundamentally Transformed

Microwave ovens changes the food. That is the nature of what a microwave is and how a microwave works, it vibrates the molecules and changes the structures on a microscopic level. Imagine your spouse, your wife or husband, saying he or she wants to fundamentally change you. Better yet, remember when Obama said that regarding fundamentally changing the USA? What you get is cancer, tumors, etc.


Reminds of how music changes the form of things on a microscopic level for better or for worse depending on the frequency of the music.


Also, cell phone towers and WIFI are zapping our bodies with radiation. The more they zap at us, the more they fry us.


On top of that, they spray stuff on our farms, crops, fields, foods, especially in the United States of America. They spray chemicals onto our foods to change it. After that, we put the food in our microwaves to alter it farther.


They also poke us and super poke us not on Facebook but into our bodies to alter us and track us via vaccines, oh, thank you Bill Gates for that. Vaccines makes things even worse as that works alongside of the microwaves and everything else.

Free Radicals

In doing so, microwaves transforms plant minerals into free radicals which causes cancer.10 The good news is that the body kills cancer each day. The problem is when you make more cancer than you can destroy.

Ionizing or Non-Ionizing?

Some may claim that microwaves are not producing ionizing radiation, 13 that the radiation is not destroying or relocating electrons from their atom orbits. However, the better question would simply be how much radiation do microwaves cause. Some may say, on the other hand, that microwaves causes non-ionizing radiation which can move the atoms inside molecules which can change the structure and form of those molecules. So, it can be a question of how that affects the food and how that affects the body. To some extent, our digestion system attempts to break down the food we eat into molecules or into small LEGO like building blocks. But like with a puzzle, if the pieces are changed, modified, then it can create holes or other problems in the puzzle, in the body. If the blocks are changed, then they may not fit and they may work differently after being nuked in a microwave. It may be deformed. It may be missing things or it may have things that do not belong that can cause problems down the road. In other words, it can create cancer.

What is cancer?

Anything that doesn't belong is cancer, to keep things simple, cancer is when a cell is too small, too big, missing things, full of the wrong things, growing too fast, growing too slow, splitting and reproducing too quickly. In other words, in a generic outlook, cancer is basically a malfunction and microwaves create cancer simply by changing the building blocks to our bodies, that is food.


What you can do is simply try your best to minimize how much cancer gets into you. It is that simple. You will always run into viruses, diseases, radiation, cancer, etc. Your immune system should be strengthen as much and as often as possible. Don't think in absolute terms of eliminating all problems.11 12 Just simply try to turn down the volume each day whenever you can.


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Agreed that microwave ovens shouldn't be used for cooking.

But what are your thought s on Rabies prevention or cure without a vaccine?

Some vaccines are better than other vaccines. On the other hand, there are also natural remedies and a variety of things you can do to prevent and correct. Now, prevention is better than correction. It's better to simply not run into problems. It's harder to correct problems afterwards. Vaccines now are the same as some of the vaccines from the early 1900's. Plus, you need to look at all the mercury and the baby parts they put in the bad vaccines. Bill Gates vaccines track you because it is a small computer and tattoo they put into your skin. His vaccines changes your DNA.

Yes prevention is better than cure but it's easier said than done! No one runs into the problem intentionally. Several of my friends got bitten while rescuing dogs. You can't totally avoid it. But it's a difficult dilemma which ultimately is almost always decided in favour of vaccines to not to risk one's life.

May be, there is a better way which I ain't aware of.

But it is fundamental to understand the differences between the different kinds of vaccines and other treatments that generally work better than vaccines. You need to know how many billions of dollars are sent to families each year to cover up for all the vaccine deaths. They send the money to the families to shut them up and this has been documented in documentaries going back many decades. Bill Gates was banned in India and many countries because of the people his vaccines were murdering. It's vital to understand what they put inside these vaccines. You need to understand the risks, the side effects which mostly includes autism and other things. There are better cures out there that the globalists do not want you to know about. There are cures to cancer and to many things in life.

Well, Bill Gates case was about Polio vaccine. I want to specifically know more about ways to avoid rabies vaccine. Any information in that regard will be appreciated.
Thank you for spreading awareness on this issue!

I don't have a rabies vaccine. Should I get one? I'm 35 and I have not had that vaccine. They say some dogs have rabies and I was bit by one that probably had rabies when I was like seven years old or so. So, will I die from rabies?

I'd say, your answer is very vague. In fact, you are raising some questions. Anyway, let me try to answer these for you.

Firstly, age isn't so relevant in this case. Secondly, not everyone needs to be vaccinated for rabies. It is administered post-exposure only. So if you haven't been exposed to a rabid dog recently, you don't need to be vaccinated.

Next, bitten by a dog who "probably" had rabies is very different than the dog who is a confirmed rabid. Any vet can confirm whether a dog is a rabid or not. It's fatal for that dog also.

Finally, you won't die of rabies because of your "probable" exposure to it some 3 decades back. Rabies is a fatal neurological disease and if someone gets it, it turns fatal quite sooner ..in matter of weeks as compared to years. So don't get worried for an incident that happened in a distant past.

Hope this helps. Thank you!

Great advice. You must be like a doctor. My advice is to simply look at the list of ingredients inside a vaccine before taking it.