Cast Iron Loaf Pans!

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Imagine this...

You step inside of the kitchen to be greeted with the smell of warm, sweet banana bread wafting through the air. You imagine sitting down with a slice while drinking something warm, watching the snow gracefully fall to the ground. Your family is happy and content sitting around you.

If I were to set up a commercial based on my Christmas present from my husband, @freedompoint, it would look like that. Then I would get paid in the millions from the company for my marketing genius! We would go live in the Bahamas for half the year and somewhere snowy for the rest. My only debate is, which place do we winter in because we the love the snow? So many decisions, so little time!

Alright, alright...I'm never making millions off of marketing because I don't actually do that for a living, nor do I really believe that my idea was that clever...but I do bet you really wanted a warm slice of banana bread while you read it!

Which really begs the question, what was I trying to advertise in the first place?

And I will tell you!

Cast Iron Loaf Pans!

Step right up ladies and gentlemen and prepared to be amazed, dazzled, and delighted as you gaze up these beauties! Made from the tremendous company, Lehman's, and forged right here in the U.S of A, these will have you cookin' up the best loaves this side of the Mississippi!

(If you guess correctly what accent I was hearing my head when I wrote that, I will give you 1 Steem after the payout!)

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I think I have all the sales pitches out of my system now, but maybe just maybe Lehman's will read this post...maybe they are secret Steem users and they'll endorse me from now on! Of course I will have to give some sort of Steem televised speech accepting the endorsement in which I will thank all of you who upvoted me past and present with special mentions to those of you in the comment section. It'll be such a good day.

Ok, so here's what's really going on. Christmas was coming and my dear husband asked what I would want. Now, I don't particularly want for much. We live a really simple life. I do, however, love cast iron. It lasts FOREVER...literally my great-great grandkids could use my pans. So, slowly but surely I'm replacing a lot of my cookware. Next on my list was loaf pans, first because they're amazing and secondly because I had lost mine while being nomadic. So, I gave him this a suggestion.

Then when Christmas morning arrived, there, waiting for me was a big box! And you guessed it, two loaf pans were nestled inside!

I knew exactly what I was going to make with them first. Banana Bread!

The hard part was keeping everyone's sticky fingers off the bananas long enough to let them ripen. Eventually I grew impatient, and stuck some on top of the fridge with a strong warning to keep off. I still had to wait over a week. I probably could have forced ripened, but would the flavor be the same?? I doubt it.

So finally...finally!...the bananas were ready.

I did a little bit of research first on baking with cast iron. Because the temperature holds better, and for a lack of a better word, stronger, than other pans, I was concerned it would need to be at a lower temperature. However, it all seemed to be "bake as usual".

And bake as usual I did!

My recipe is an ol'family recipe, taken right out of my Mom's Betty Crocker cookbook circa 1970 😂 and modified to be vegan.

I made it like I always do, even remembered to preheat the oven, and popped them in for the same amount of time on the recipe.

Of course, the air in the house smelled like a dream! The loaves looked beautiful in the oven, and when the timer went off, they were done!

After a little cool done, I attempted to pop them out of the pan, and it worked!

They were soft and chewy...sweet and delicious! And I bet they would've had a ton more flavor if we would have let them actually cool down. Both loaves were gone in under thirty minutes...and this was after dinner.

Cast Iron Loaf Pans (1).png

I would have to say, out of the all the banana bread I've made, and I've made a lot, these were the best loaves yet!

I highly recommend getting cast iron loaf pans! cough From Lehman's cough

Thanks so much for sharing this me! Take care!
Much love,
Stacie D

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So yummy indeed


After reading this I will be baking what a lovely coincidence

Haha just a little something to get you in the mood!

@tipu curate

Thank you!

My pleasure! ;)

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 15/20 - need recharge?)

Debbie loves using cast iron @freedomtowrite 👍


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Nice! It's amazing! And thank you!

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Thank you!

Banana bread is always a treat something we have regularly living in a region where there is an abundance of banana's. Those pans sound ideal for making the breads in Stacie.

It's hard for me to imagine living somewhere where there's bananas growing all the time! I've heard that our bananas taste nothing like the ones where you're from. I bet it's heavenly!

Wow baked in a cast iron pan. I bet it smells so good even your neighbors will be enticed to the fresh, sweet smell.

Haha probably! I should be prepared in the future to back extra and share!

My mom had cast iron skillets and the only thing I remember when I would try to fry something in them, it would always get stuck and it would make a mess that was really hard to clean. Obviously I was doing something wrong, but I don't know what that may be.

Any pointers to offer on using them?

Haha been there! Yes, if they're probably seasoned then they are non-stick...but if they lose that built in oil then everything sticks.

...i am not sure, did i read you got Lehmans pans 🤣 your banana bread looks amazing!! What type of vegan butter did you use? My daughter is vegan. I haven't been able to find a good butter alternative other than Bacel. Which just seems so wrong to use!

Haha so you were able to pick up on my subtle hints? 😂 So, this recipe is actually vegan butter free. And typically we've steered clear of vegan butter because the ingredients were so awful! Here recently though, my parents brought us some Country Crock makes (which feels so wrong so I understand what you mean!) And it's not as full of rotten things and it's delicious! So on occasion now, if a recipe absolutely needs it like croissants or buttercream icing, then that's what we use.

That banana bread sounds so delicious, those cast iron pans sound amazing, real heirlooms!

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They absolutely are!

Cast iron is the best! Not only does it prepare the best food in the world, if necessary, it is bullet proof, and can be used to clearly beat the head of a zombie when the apocalypse arrives.

Dang, a zombie apocalypse should have been part of my sales pitch! Next time.

Gotta find me some of those pans.

Definitely...they are worth every penny!

One of my favorite bread to eat! I bet the batch that you baked was very delicious. Have a great day

Thank you! Yes, it is see definitely one of my favorites too!

Thank you! Yes, it is
See definitely one of
My favorites too!

                 - freedomtowrite

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Oh! Where is the recipe?

I can post it later 😀

I'll wait for that :)

I’ve made tons of banana bread In those light thin cheap metal Pans. They always seem to burn or the center is gooy. I’ve had better luck in our stoneware ones that we use in a convection oven.

Looks like you found a winner!

I’m gonna go ahead and guess the accent, because it looks like no one else is attempting it… I’m guessing southern accent sort of like one I would hear in Alabama or New Orleans.

Woohoo! You got it right! Thanks for playing...I was wondering how many scanned the post and didn't read it line for line haha

Yes, I would imagine the stoneware pans would have a similar outcome!

Hahaha.. I Knew It!!! hehe
I like to read posts, especially when people put their valuable time into writing them. Some people don't realize how long it takes to put together a quality post.

Great job putting a little fun into it!

NO need to gift that 1 steem to me after payout.. Please put it toward your SP.. that would mean more. Just fun guessing at things. :-D

Sorry I was not following you.. I changed that so I can keep an eye out for other posts :-) Have a great day!

Thank you for appreciating the effort! So, I realized that I was not following you either, so I changed that! Thanks again for playing!

Now we are officially friends!!!!

Haha yes!

Ha! Those loaves will not last for 2 days with me around my friend.
You would have to bake 6 loaves per week at least. 3 for @theyeti and 3 for me and maybe we will both share a slice or two with you.
Just as a thank you and all that you know, as we are fair guys Lol.
A great post here!

Haha thank you for thinking of me. I told him your plan, and he thought it was great one! haha

Hahaha, you know that we will always think of you my dear.
It is just a male thing and glad that he agrees!
Blessings to you guys!

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