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It was July of 2016 when I wrote my initial #introduceyourself post. I won't be linking it here, because it was awful. I had no idea what I was doing, nor did I know what STEEM really was. All I knew was that you could get paid in crypto for doing what I would usually do on other SM sites. My deep dive into the crypto and BC world had begun.


4 years later and STEEM is dead to me, essentially. Taken over by the very types of people who run the other SM sites I had been using. It was no longer a community run by the community, rather a faction run by an emperor. No thanks. So like most others who joined early for the reasons I did, or those who joined later who also share these same ideals, we find ourselves in a new home, #hive. Believe it or not, I couldn't be happier than that, and I say that as probably the only person on this planet with a f'ing STEEM tattoo! LOL!


Me as the little minnow, powered by STEEM, going to the MOOOOOOOOONNNN and taking Ancapistan with me!!! Hahaha, my intention was to do my other calf after a few years as a whale. I'll just have to use the #hive logo now I guess. All good, I am still content and happy I made this decision. It brings back some great memories and I will always cherish it.

But now that I have basically left STEEM for dead, it's time to start a new. Here are a few things I am passionate about and I intend to fill my feed with mostly these things.

First up: FOOD!

Who doesn't love food? Nobody, that's who. I finally bought my new cooking set and will be doing a review of them in a follow up post. But for the time being, here are a few sneak peeks and some gourmet food I have cooked up so far.






That beer is coming up too!

And not all food is cooked indoors....can't forget about the grill, especially now with Spring in the air.


What's wrapped up in that tinfoil???????

RIBS!!!! OH YA!!!!



Teriyaki glazed with cilantro. YUM! The best part is I bartered with my brother for this rack. I took home a bunch of perishable food from the restaruant I work at and there was no way I could eat it all. So I gave him some tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers, and a few other things and I got a nice rack of ribs. I love bartering! Currency can be anything that has perceived value to someone, I think that's a really cool way to look at money if you've never really given a lot of thought to it.

The kabobs came out just perfect too!


What do I enjoy with the delicious food I make? In my opinion, nothing washes down some tasty grub quite like a nice cold one. Beer that is. For my birthday this past February my good buddy Noah got me this one which I had with my breakfast the first day of Lockdown. Normally I don't have beer with my breakfast, lol, but being in the restaurant business meant that I would be out of work for quite some time so I figured why the hell not? Got nothing better to do.


Noah knows me well, so he got me an IPA from Modist Brewing. I had never tried it, but it was good. A little lighter of an IPA than I would usually drink, but I just thought of it was a boozy-OJ with my eggs, sausage, and breakfast potatoes.


Had to send him a #beerselfie

After knowing the extent of how long I would be out of work, I figured it would be in my (and everyone else's) best interest if I didn't go out so much. So when I went to Total Wine to get my beer, I went a little overboard. But who ever said you can have TOO MUCH beer???? Nobody!, again.


Hazy Little Thing by Sierra Nevada is my go-to right now, taking over my old favorite, Citradelic by New Belgium. Also picked up a New Belgium IPA sampler and a 12'er of Big Wave by Kona. That should last me a weekend. JK, I think I'm good for a while.

Besides food and beer, I'll write snippets of my family life and life in general. Most revolves around what I find interesting at the time. A little randomness can be fun. For example, we needed to get out of the house the other day just to avoid cabin fever. My little man, Hayek, decided to try and step off the curb with not such great success. A little cut above his lip and sand and gravel all up in his face, but he couldn't knock the smile off his face. He was just happy to be outside. It was hilarious and awesome. Like, he just took this huge digger and he is laughing about. I think we could all use that type of optimism right now.


Outdoor activities are a big way I like to sped my time. Snowboarding, fishing, hunting, etc, and disc golfing.


I usually do a review of the beer I drink on my round, along with my Shot of the Day.

This was about 30 yards out, I'll take it!


That's all for now but definitely more to come. I thank you for reading and hope to see you around here on #hive.

Follow me @intothewild if you want to see more of this type of content :)

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Love it. I love all those things including beer and Disc golf :)
Thanks for posting this @intothewild

No problem @robertandrew! Def be getting more beer and DG from me :)

yummy eggs and to the moon yes yes

Thanks dude!


Outstanding Intro!

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work

Thanks so much @appreciator! Glad to see you over here on #hive!

I thought FOR SURE I was following you, well, I am now. We also have a disc golf community, be sure to join that :)

The food looks delicious, I look forward to more of THAT

Sup @ericwilson!? I've been following you and @ddiscgolf for quite some time now. Ready to get back throwing again now that the weather is decent. I'll be sure to bring that #food ish comin your way!

Fantastic intro!

Found a common interest here! Ha!

Besides food and beer, I'll write snippets of my family life and life in general.

Also, love this! :)

It was July of 2016 when I wrote my initial #introduceyourself post. I won't be linking it here, because it was awful.

Glad to e-meet you there!

Hey @sidwrites, thanks so much!

I mean, who doesn't like food? And beer? And life? hahaha, hoping to create more here than I did even before.

Glad to e-meet you as well!