Sourdough Project: Oops, might have waited a little too long.

in kitchen •  19 days ago 

I think two days may be pushing it when it comes to maintaining sourdough. Recently I split the sourdough into two jars and gave them each a feeding. Seems that change caused them to overflow and shoot the rubber band right off the lid.


I was not expecting this, and because of that it spilled all over the cabinet floor. Hah..


It must have been the carbon dioxide causing it to ooze out.


I got the remaining rubber band off and discarded both cheese cloths. The ooze covered them and I think using new clean ones would be a better idea.


Got the jars off the floor and still had alot of cleaning to do. This mesh flooring did not help the matter at all lol..


Cutting some new cheese cloths and found some new rubber bands. Also put the 100ml of sourdough in new jars.


While doing the transfer I placed the sourdough in this saucer. It was bubbling nicely going its fermenting thing.


Putting the sourdough, flour and warm well water in the jars I mix them all up.


Once mixed I place the new cheesecloth over the jars and rubber band them.


As a precaution I now place my fermenting jars in a saucer so if they spill over due to bacterial exuberance it wont make such a mess.


I tossed out the mess, but had a little for a single patty. Mixed some spices in and baked it. Turned out delicious.

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Good ending...😀

Hah.. making use of it all.